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About the Ideas category [Ideas] (1)
Battery storage feasibility [Ideas] (20)
Efficiency Ranking [Ideas] (3)
Another tab/s of extended data [Ideas] (2)
Sun Position [Implemented] (8)
Export as image missing? [Ideas] (3)
Support for migration of Consumption only metering to full Solar Ownership [Ideas] (13)
Automatic Uploads: SolarEdge Extended Data [Implemented] (4)
Idle System Alert - Longer period options [Implemented] (10)
Feature request - Monthly chart showing multiple years of output [Implemented] (8)
Do we have SUMMARY by Year? Like You Have By Month Already [Ideas] (3)
SMA Sunny Portal Integration via daily report [Won't Implement] (2)
Tariff Plans - Recalculate doesn't seem to work [Ideas] (4)
Save “Customize” settings on “Analyse” tab [Implemented] (6)
Save calculated gross consumption from entered import data [Ideas] (5)
Question about energy import only comparison [Ideas] (2)
Filtering PV ladder [Ideas] (4)
Feature Request: IFTTT Integration [Won't Implement] (3)
Upload Temperature Only with addbatchstatus API [Ideas] (4)
Fronius Log Data Push API / recalulate energy like solarweb [Ideas] (1)
Do maths formula rule on 'Voltage' reading [Implemented] (7)
How to use v1...v6 in extended data rules? [Implemented] (6)
Enlighten auto backload missing dates [Ideas] (1)
Adjustable panel efficiency or a scaling factor for insolation calculation [Ideas] (10)
Add max (power used – power generated) to statistics page to optimize the grid connection ( 2 ) [Implemented] (28)
Make Plan comparison feature available for Weeks and months [Ideas] (1)
Enhance cumulative flag on Add Status API [Ideas] (2)
Pv installers [Won't Implement] (4)
Afore Energy automatic upload [Won't Implement] (7)
Solaredge Ac Grid Voltage setup [Implemented] (13)