Darken Color Schemes on Existing and Future New Web Pages for Readability

Hi BB.
Can you review your color schemes and consider darkening the shades as on several pages they are barely readable. Especially for us elderlys! (-; The readability problem is especially when the popup window shows when you put your mouse over a set of bars of a month set.
For instance on the summary page where across several years the months bars are color coded from light to a darker green and yellows. Some are barely readable. Can you shade some schemes like this darker. Thanks!

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Definitely. All web designers should note this fact. There are far too many websites thet use a grey background with only slightly darker grey for text! Please use text with a higher contrast so we can read it!

i run the dark theme and dont have an issue maybe try setting it to that and see what it looks like.
https://pvoutput.org/account.jsp and scroll down to theme and select the dark rather than light.

On the browser? If so then all my tabs will be dark which I dont want.

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