UK FIT - Separate Generation and Export Tariffs

The UK’s FIT scheme consists of two distinct payments, one for metered generation and a second for export. The latter used to be deemed at 50% of generation, so could the total income could be calculated with a single combined tariff. However, it is now increasingly common for systems to receive a generation payment and a second payment based on actual export at different rates. This is currently not supported by PVOutput.

Propose enabling entry of two separate tariffs, one for generation and a second for export.

This seems to be a variation on the current ‘Gross UK’ export model. The export tariff rate is applied to all generation.

Changed topic to an ‘Idea’.

Yes I agree, UK PV remuneration has evolved and as an example I’ve move Fromm”Deemed” export at 50% of generation to actual export as it can be more lucrative- I’m on a fixed export tariff but some will be on half hour variable which would be tricky to put in PVO. Personally I don’t really take any notice of PVO financial info though so not a big deal for me.