Better Billing Cycles - Interval Pre-fill

I noticed that my billing cycle is out of whack again. Our billing cycle is roughly every 60 days (but not consistently).

The current workaround is to enter exact dates into the billing cycle periods. But this is limited to six (?) cycles.

Could there be a new option to preload a default series of options based on a specified start date:
x days
x weeks
x months

If I entered ‘04/01/2023’ and hit ‘60 days’, billing cycle preloads with a series of inputs.

Ultimately all historical billing periods could be viewed and modified however the above may get clsoe enough.


Great idea
It would be nice to have monthly and then a date day the 17th That way the billing period is the 17th of every month

Pre-loading dates could be a possible enhancement - we would still be limited to 6 billing periods though.

It is now possible to auto pre-fill the billing cycles with days, weeks or months intervals.

Click on the “OPTIONS” link at the bottom of the Billing Cycles section and the following popup will appear.


Enter the number of days, weeks or months and click on the desired interval link.

  • When there are already date periods filled, the first cycle date start from the last known period, i.e. 6th then 5th and so-on
  • To start from a desired date, clear all periods then manually select the first date to start from, the pre-fill will add dates for the next 5 periods.

Minimum intervals are 14 days or 4 weeks or 2 months

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Thanks @bankstownbloke !

This is good, but still doesn’t quite help.

For example, my bimonthly billing cycle starts on the 5th Feb. The pre-fill assumes a 1st Jan start.

Anyway to allow the user to enter in the starting date - then this would prefill the table. Entering 05/02/24 & bimonthly would prefill Feb-Mar; 05/02 etc.

This would get fairly close to my billing cycle and allow me to use the billing screen to reconcile to my actual bills (out by a few days).

Any starting date can be chosen, e.g. enter ‘05-Feb’ (rest should be blank) and select 2 months and the rest of the blank dates will be 05-Apr, 05-Jun, 05-Aug, 05-Oct, 05-Dec