Weather Conditions?

Hi All,

When I originally created my PVO account I relied upon the in-built option to obtain weather data from BoM [ I’m in Australia ]. This populated ‘Conditions’ and ‘Temperature’ automatically. More recently though I purchased an Internet connected weather station which can automatically upload its data to Wunderground. I configured my PVO system to poll Wunderground to use my own weather data. This all seemed to work perfectly well.

I have only just noticed though that when I look at my data for this system the ‘Conditions’ summary appears to be ‘Fine’ for every single day despite what the weather was. Yes it has been ‘Fine’ here in Perth but not that 'Fine. The current day is usually accurate and right now 30MAR2022 shows ‘Mostly Cloudy’ which it was for most of the day and most of the last few days. After midnight it reverts to ‘Fine’.

Is there a ‘fix’ for this situation? I took a look in the ‘Help’ and in this forum but didn’t unearth a solution to my problem.

My daughter’s system which only uses BoM data displays the correct ‘Conditions’ for her locale.

I assume that the Wunderground data doesn’t provide a ‘Conditions’ summary.


The weather condition text is based on the generation kWh/kW output and may not be accurate.

The weather station live feeds only update temperature data. To record accurate conditions would require an enhancement to retrieve the condition from the feed (if available) and override weather PVOutput daily condition text.

Changed this topic an idea.