Efergy Configuration - Multichannels

I am returning to PVOutput after some time off.

Originally I had the following setup:
PV Production came from Zevercloud (now gone)
Consumption came from Efergy

I am now trying to setup up PVOutput so the all data comes from Efergy.

“Issues” I have are as follows:
Solar production is from 2 arrays that are monitored by 2 Efergy channels
Consumption is from 3 loads that are monitored by 3 Efergy channels.

My desired outcome would be to have a single representation of total solar production and a single representation of the total consumption.

Keen for guidance and input.


Its possible to add two channels together using the “Secondary Power” config.

Power = PWR1
Secondary Power (Add) = PWR2

Results in PWR1 + PWR2

Adding more than two channels would require an enhancement allow the ‘Power’ config to allow multiple channels to be specified to summing. e.g. ‘PWR1+PWR2+PWR3’

Changed topic to an ‘Idea’.