Multiple credit rates

My energy provider has a combination of credit values.
For the first 14KW per day is at 12c per KWH
For the remaining is at 5c per KWH

How do I enter this type of credit into PVOutput?




This type of credit tariff structure isn’t supported.

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This would be a useful feature as many retailers are now using this model.

I’d like to +1 this idea. This appears to be very common in Australia now. Cheers Mark

Yes have noticed alot of the new SA power plans have x price for first 14kw then another price for the rest.

In NSW also. Red Energy’s “Red Solar Saver” pays 18c / kWh for the first 5, and then 6c / kWh thereafter. Seems like it might be becoming more common. I’m a bit new here - does PVoutput have a mechanism to vote for suggestions in the ‘ideas’ category?

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Done. Thanks!