Multiple credit rates

My energy provider has a combination of credit values.
For the first 14KW per day is at 12c per KWH
For the remaining is at 5c per KWH

How do I enter this type of credit into PVOutput?




This type of credit tariff structure isn’t supported.

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This would be a useful feature as many retailers are now using this model.

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I’d like to +1 this idea. This appears to be very common in Australia now. Cheers Mark

Yes have noticed alot of the new SA power plans have x price for first 14kw then another price for the rest.

In NSW also. Red Energy’s “Red Solar Saver” pays 18c / kWh for the first 5, and then 6c / kWh thereafter. Seems like it might be becoming more common. I’m a bit new here - does PVoutput have a mechanism to vote for suggestions in the ‘ideas’ category?

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Done. Thanks!

Whilst I would like to see this implemented I can’t see how it would be accurate. My provider for example doesn’t credit me with $0.10 for each kWh up to and including 14kWh and then switches to $0.05 per kWh for that day, rather they average it out at the end of the billing cycle i.e. (90 Days X 14kWh) X $0.10. All remaining exported generation for that billing cycle is then credited at $0.05 per kWh.

The two scenerios provide a different outcome.

Let’s say a billing period is five days. This wouldn’t happen but for the sake of this exercise it makes it easier.

Day 1 Export: 13kWh - 13kWh X $0.10 = $1.30
Day 2 Export: 30kWh - (14kWh X $0.10) + (16kWh X $0.05) = $2.20
Day 3 Export: 35kWh - (14kWh X $0.10) + (21kWh X $0.05) = $2.45
Day 4 Export: 11kWh - 11kWh X $0.10 = $1.10
Day 5 Export: 26kWh - (14kWh X 0.10) + (12kWh X $0.05) = $2.00

The non-averaging method would provide the daily credit amounts shown above. Total is $9.05 for the five day period. This could possibly be integrated into PVOutput but wouldn’t work for me due to my retailer using the averaging method. I’m assuming this is how other retailers calculate as well.

Using the averaging method would work out this way:

Total export during billing period: 115kWh
First 14kWh per day @ $0.10 per kWh: (5 Days X 14kWh) X $0.10 = $7.00
All remaining export @ $0.05 per kWh: (115kWh - 70kWh) X $0.05 = $2.25

The averaging method would provide a total credit of $9.25 for the five day period. I can’t see how this could be integrated into PVOutput, unless it was done at the end of each billing cycle.

I’m sorry if this is a nonsensical mess, I’m not great at communicating with numbers!

I have a similar / opposite idea request… my retailer has a staggered rate for what we import, Calculating cost - the first 340 kWh / month charged at a different rate.

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Could it auto average it each day?
Eg just like the target prorata generation bar graph on the daily tab?

If it’s over the prorated amount then calculate values based on how many kw/day the day has done.
And works of the billing period. Calculated at the end of each day?

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Same boat here on the new AGL plans; would be great for this to be supported.

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Any chance of this becoming reality?
This is now the new norm in AU.
Kinda makes PVO now redundant as all $$$$ are out, previously my numbers were all within 1-2cents accuracy.

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There is but it’s linked to the same time as your tou tariff so if the credit rates change with peak offpeak shoulder or high shoulder you should be fine.

It doesn’t work for allowing 200kw/ month or qtr before the limit happens though