Secondary Array Limit

Hi just wondering if there could be an option for more array directions in the future. Its just im monitoring 3 inverters with one meter and they are facing north east and west and the one facing north are 2 slight different directions so 4 different arrays would be needed to properly estimate its production. I am using Tigo optimizers to allow the difference in direction. At the moment i have just set it to north and east in the hope that it doesn’t over estimate.

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No plans to increase the array limit at the moment.

Hi, would be great to have the possibility to have more than two arrays. I have three orientations and three inverters. I can only measure two now.

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I have 4 arrays (NE, NW, SW with 2 different tilts) I would like to define.

I’m strongly considering adding a 3rd array to my existing inverter (West facing, I have E/N already) and I would also like this to be an option in PVO.

Why not consider it @bankstownbloke as lots of folks have multi-faceted arrays now?

Stumbled on this posting when trying to tweak my data within PVOutput. 5 of my panels face south east and the other 40 are split between north east and southwest.

Seems like an old post, was wondering @bankstownbloke if any plans have changed and is adding more than two arrays a possible feature in the future?

so if you use the data aggregation setting you can have as many different angles and arrays as you like up to 10 i think