Visualsiation options

Is there a self serve method to change the visualisations?

I find the Seasnonal table useful, but would like:

  • Extend history to start of time
  • Bar chart showing trend over time - ideally being able to compare seasons (e.g. summer 23 v summer 24)

Weather is good, but can we overlay performance / generation?

What would be nice is if we could upload an RRD tool graph definition and have it produce RRD images… But that would also depend on it using RRD databases…

There isn’t, each visualisation/page needs to be built manually and restrict the amount of data to maintain overall performance.

The ‘Year/Season’ option under the ‘Customise’ popup allows any year to be picked.

The ‘Summary’ page is a bar chart that compares up to the last 8 years of the same month data.