Investigating Problem topics under investigation Fixed Reported problems that have been fixed
Average Power Graph Problem [Fixed] (14)
Parent system is not saved in settings [Problems] (3)
Reports NOT Disabled [Fixed] (7)
Insolation curves look strange [Problems] (5)
Missing Days in Outputs and PV Ladder [Problems] (3)
Power VS average power wrong [Problems] (2)
ZeverCloud API data not loading [Fixed] (17)
Ambient Weather data not uploading [Problems] (4)
Fronius Push - Recording stopped [Fixed] (4)
Summer time? [Fixed] (2)
PVOUTPUT Not Showing Full Enphase history for 3/29, about 3hrs behind ( 2 ) [Problems] (27)
Aggregation - Need help in getting data to show correctly [Problems] (3)
Extended Data Stops at ~10:20pm Every Night [Problems] (5)
PV output with Youless [Problems] (2)
Energomonitor data not loading [Fixed] (5)
Aggregation not working [Fixed] (2)
Energy generation not adding on statistics page? ( 2 ) [Fixed] (30)
SMA Webbox Generation Totals don't match [Fixed] (6)
Ambient API [Fixed] (2)
Energy Used 'flatlines' Uploading from IoTaWatt - Resolved [Fixed] (3)
Time Periods [Problems] (5)
Fronius - Logdata Push Failure [Fixed] (5)
Solar irradiation graphing has changed [Fixed] (1)
Changing ladder filter also changes my live outputs filter [Problems] (3)
SYSTEMS option no longer showing on 2nd/other systems [Fixed] (3)
UE Data not Loading Correctly [Problems] (3)
Insolation is grossly underestimated [Problems] (4)
PVOutput Integration Service - Cannot find pvoutput.ini [Fixed] (3)
PVOutput reporting generated + export as same [Fixed] (3)
Temperature working with Free but not with donated status [Fixed] (3)