Investigating Problem topics under investigation Fixed Reported problems that have been fixed
Aggregation [Problems] (1)
Bug on monthly display target bar [Problems] (3)
No data after 09.00 hours, but there is data send [Problems] (3)
Error: PVOutput (Input): Error login! [Problems] (5)
Data Aggregation not working anymore [Fixed] (5)
Solaredge and Youless [Fixed] (11)
Fronius output - Stopped recording - Error 404 [Fixed] (5)
PV Integration - Energy Generated not correct in graph [Problems] (3)
Consumption and Import values are identical [Problems] (12)
Missing Live Data [Problems] (4)
Extended Data Rule not working [Fixed] (3)
Output Under Reporting (Fronius) [Problems] (7)
Tariff hour ranges not showing [Fixed] (4)
Child not displaying on parent graph [Problems] (4)
V2 Production data restarts plotting same data an hour after first light [Problems] (3)
New setup: FTP credentials bad [Webbox] [Fixed] (5)
Graphics gone? [Fixed] (7)
ToU imports not correctly identifying Peak/Off-Peak [Fixed] (4)
Invalid Upload for v5 = Temperatur [Fixed] (6)
Fronius Meter stopped working [Problems] (7)
Fronius - Logdata Push Failure ( 2 ) [Fixed] (24)
Spikes in generation curve when using SolarEdge Inverter [Problems] (4)
The page you requested is missing or has an error [Fixed] (2)
Date Format yyyy-mm-dd breaks graph view [Fixed] (4)
Logging time shifted? [Problems] (2)
Uploading IotaWatt data [Problems] (5)
Gapps in consumption with solar production [Problems] (6)
SBFspot running from the cloud [Problems] (1)
Trannergy Logging [Fixed] (3)
Gaps in live data [Problems] (10)