Investigating Problem topics under investigation Fixed Reported problems that have been fixed
Issues with the return data [FIXED] [Fixed] (1)
SolarEdge Direction of "Both" not showing generation [Problems] (5)
Fronius Push Service - Connection lost [Problems] (7)
No readings showing after 10:45 local [Problems] (2)
Logging problems [Fixed] (2)
Live view auto roll over to next day - broken [Problems] (5)
Issue selecting correct tariff plan according to dates [Fixed] (8)
No readings from zeversolar [Fixed] (10)
Trannergy Logging works but it stops suddenly in PVOutput [Problems] (4)
Database deleted [Fixed] (3)
PVOUTPUT Not Showing Full Enphase history for 3/29, about 3hrs behind ( 2 ) [Problems] (39)
Data on Enphase Site not on PVOUTPUT for Today 7/29, 7/30, etc [Fixed] (12)
Problem with status addition - fixed! [Fixed] (4)
Wrong value in PVOutput, how can it be deleted? [Fixed] (5)
PVO no longer recording data from Zever API [Problems] (4)
Help Stopped uploading Beancounter [Fixed] (1)
Cannot change SolarEdge Solar poll interval [Fixed] (2)
Donation Status Inactive [Fixed] (10)
PVwatts calculation [Fixed] (2)
Exported Values discrepancy [Fixed] (2)
Extended variables plot is blank [Fixed] (5)
Upload stops in less than an hour [Problems] (12)
No live page? [Fixed] (5)
Net Generation view showing import/export wrong [Fixed] (2)
Solved - Problem With addBatchStatus Using SBFspot [Fixed] (3)
All outputs showing as zero - SBFspot [Problems] (10)
Issue with tariff calculations [Problems] (6)
Exceeded 60 requests per hour [Problems] (7)
Eagle 200 stopped reporting [Fixed] (20)
Error: certificate has expired ( 2 ) [Fixed] (24)