Oxley Solar not working anymore?

Does anyone know if the Oxley Solar app (Android) is still working? I have had an old tablet running this connected via Bluetooth to my SMA inverter and automatically uploading my data to pvoutput for about 7 years. I haven’t changed anything at my end but the uploads seem to have stopped at the end of March this year. If I try and do a batch upload I briefly see an error message “Forbidden 403: exceeded 60 requests per hour”

Hi, is your PVoutput account a free one or paid?

I have an old Android 5.0 device using Oxley Solar and it’s working well since March.

PVOutput is a free one. Oxley Solar Pro is paid. So - is there a restriction on uploading for ‘free’ accounts here? It’s worked for ages then stopped suddenly. In fact, on the old tablet I’ve been using it’s not even dispaying solar generation… I tested the app on a different device and it displays live generation but won’t do the upload…

A little progress - I restarted the tablet and it’s showing generation data now but won’t upload all the missing days (error - Moon powered - which seems to be do do with incorrect timestamp on some data). Will probably have to live with a little gap

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the reply @Sefama - I’ve managed to get all but one missing day uploaded now and the live update is working, so I’m happy that the app is still working and it was a glitch with the data on the inverter that tripped this up.