OpenWeatherMap API Problems

Hi all,

I thought I’d move this to its own topic. Has anyone else been having problems with the OpenWeatherMap API access?

I have signed up to OpenWeather and gained API access, however it seems the API request that PVOutput is sending is no longer functioning on their end and replies with an error. I made contact with their tech support and was advised :

“One Call 1.0 is deprecated for all new free and startup users. We recommend using One Call 3.0 as a modern and updated version. But if you still need access to One Call 1.0, I can transfer your case to the sales department, where they can advise and offer you a developer plan where this API is available.”

Is there any chance the request could be updated at this end to match their formatting please? It is as follows : {API Key}

Alternatively is there another free weather provider that I can use to import data to PVO?

Thank you.

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Existing openweathermap API keys are still working with the version 2.5 API.

A free plan is still available under " Professional collections" -

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I have tried multiple key and none seem to work. But test with below works.

I’m experiencing the same problem. New ‘free’ openweathermap users only can access the new API 3.0 version as far as i can see.

When i enter mij API-key in settings, including the Latitude and longitude, and hit test, it responds with an error 401, invalid api-key :frowning:

Any thoughts?

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Got this to work getting the “One Call by Call” subscription ‘base’ plan. First 1k api calls a day for free (should be enough right?). You can set a maximum calls a day so to not go further than the 1k calls.

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Should be plenty as PVOutput only requests once every 5 minutes, or 288 per day.

I signed up for OpenWeather and got API access, but it doesn’t seem to work with the PVOutput settings.
I tried it with standalone query and it works fine, so somehow PVOutput is not compatible. What could be the problem?
Attachment setup Screen photo.

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Click on the “Test” link next to the API Key - seems the API key is invalid.

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when you click the test button, it says invalid API code,
I wrote an email to the Openwatermap admin and they checked it, it’s fine.
If I start a query from another software, it also works there, so there may be a problem with the PVOutput software setting.
I am attaching the direct query

The test calls the API with the API entered -

Replace your_api_key with the real key.

It should result in the error when using the one entered at PVOuput.

Signup for the Pay as you call option, the free version doesn’t work and will return an “invalid key” error

In your account settings you can setup a max API per day so you won’t exceed the 1000 limit per day
(although it is not needed)

Is this something that willbe updated in PVOutput e.g. syntax changed to the standard Free option : “{lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}

Or perhaps request from the developers - not sure where (sorry, am new to the community).

Personally not looking forward to share my CC details, even though the subscription is free <1000 p\d.

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Best to create a new ‘Idea’ topic as this requires an enhancement to PVOutput weather downloader.

The openweathermap free api calls do not have historic data so there will be potentially many gaps in the data.

Thanks, I’ll try that next.

I’m using the wunderground API now, using a station close to my location. I don’t think it provides historical data either, so not too worried about gaps atm.

Changed to an ‘Idea’ to track change to PVOutput to replace “onetime” API call to openweathermap with standard “weather” API call.

PVOutput should now use the standard ‘weather’ call when the ‘onetime’ call fails.

Note that ‘weather’ only retrieves current temperature does not support history like ‘onetime’ and may result in gaps in the data.

The openweather ‘TEST’ link on the PVOutput system page will now test against the ‘weather’ call instead of ‘onetime’

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