Openweather One Call discontinued June 2024

So Wunderground went after IBM bought it and now Openweather One Call is a paid subscription service.
However you can still use the FREE service with the 2.5 API, how about just a tweek , so that we can still use the Openweather API.

The 2.5 API gives you all the basic stuff temp, pressure, humidity, wind speed and gust

Would be great if you could do this


Read this post OpenWeather: One Call 3.0 API Product Update
You can sign up to One Call V3.0 and get 1000 free calls a day. Over 1000 you get charged. Set your limit to 500, and yuo will be fine. One call every 5 minutes is < 300 calls a day. Only PIA is providing CC details. I am sure there are ways around this.

use a prepaid credit card that has a $0 balance… thats what I done. it worked…

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If you read their website notes you will see that the Openweather new policy affects ONLY all OneCall versions, which includes OneCall v2.5.
However this does NOT affect their FREEMIUM version which uses a v2.5 api and is still available.

Quote: -
One Call API 3.0 works in exactly the same way as the One Call API 2.5, but includes several useful upgrades. For seamless transfer from One Call API 2.5 to the One Call API 3.0 please carefully read the following sections:

and here is the important bit

Please note that no other products are affected by this change, including other APIs that have ‘/2.5/’ section in their URL.

So we could still use that API and just to prove the point I have just signed up another user for the FREEMIUM service using the api weather and forecast api v2.5.

I had it running in mine but it stopped about 2 weeks ago. I was using 2.5.
I have now done as B-Man did and made a new account with 800 calls a day with 3.0.
I habe put the api into Pvoutput as before, clicked on Test.
It give weather info on the page that opens.
I have left my settings alone in Pvoutput but nothing shows on the graph.
It used to work ok.
Do I need to change anything for the new version?
OR… do I need to do it thru RPI script stuff :frowning:

mine just started working with no change.
did you sign up with the same login or create a new one? might need to check the api is the same as whats shown in your pvoutput setting page.

looking at your settings its set to disabled for main temperature so thats why it wouldnt be showing

Sorry, but where is the maximum limit of calls per day set?

It does not work for me either, but I was careful to enable it.

Tried old account. No data from test button.
Made a new one. You adjust call number on payment page.
Ive tried 6 hours disabled and 6 hours enabled.
I also put the api in the sensor number V5 in the script ? But still not showing.
Did you use the rpi script or just pvoutput?
If pvoutput did you add anything below the enable box or leave all other entries blank?
Ive gone back to just api in pvoutput and enabled again this time. Will post back IF it works after full power off(s)

I use the script GitHub - B-Mqn/FluksoToPvoutput: Send Flukso data to Pvoutout
On the payment page I cannot find the option to choose the number of calls
I left the other entries empty, but I also tried to fill them in

Im using V2 script as well. Where did you put your weather details and if so what changes did you make?
Actually mine just crashed anf stopped sending data at 5:30pm here and as I cant see how to fix it im making a new SD card now (with Bookworm) Another long night:(
Maybe @B-Man will sell SD cards already loaded :slight_smile:

No of calls on subscription page.

A thousand thanks @bazzle, I fixed the number of calls as you suggested.
The rest you can see the image

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This is unrelated to the script.
Just fill in the details for pvoutput.
The script only does flukso data.

Haha I only have a pi2 so sd cards are pointless as I would need one for ever device.
It’s not that hard. You have done it once already.

Can you just reboot the device?
Also there’s some tools to sd card clone on the pi so once it’s working copy it to another sd card incase of issues.


Well I still think it would be easier to just integrate the Freemium version into PVoutput.
I have just signed up for that as a new user, which doesn’t involve a credit card and gives me current weather and 3hr/5day forecasts, which is all I need for my Home Assistant.
As I don’t really need to show the temperature on the PVoutput I will continue with that route and stop my donation to PVoutput.

I wasn’t aware you needed to be a donator to display temperature?
does the freemium version not work with pvoutput?

Sorry, yes you are right, you don’t need to contribute to get the temperature display. I set up the system many years ago and forgot what you can and can’t do, however PVoutput obviously uses the OneCall API, because this is therror code you get returned:-

cod":401,“message”:“Please note that using One Call 3.0 requires a separate subscription to the One Call by Call plan. Learn more here Pricing - OpenWeatherMap. If you have a valid subscription to the One Call by Call plan, but still receive this error, then please see Frequently Asked Questions - OpenWeatherMap for more info.”}

I can asure you the OPW freemium plan is till operational using the same key and here it is using v2.5/weather.api: -

  "coord": {
    "lon": -xxxxx,
    "lat": xxxxx
  "weather": [
      "id": 804,
      "main": "Clouds",
      "description": "overcast clouds",
      "icon": "04d"
  "base": "stations",
  "main": {
    "temp": 18.41,
    "feels_like": 18.19,
    "temp_min": 18.05,
    "temp_max": 19.57,
    "pressure": 1012,
    "humidity": 72,
    "sea_level": 1012,
    "grnd_level": 1005
  "visibility": 10000,
  "wind": {
    "speed": 2.01,
    "deg": 196,
    "gust": 1.47
  "clouds": {
    "all": 97
  "dt": 1718638913,
  "sys": {
    "type": 2,
    "id": 2009927,
    "country": "GB",
    "sunrise": 1718597034,
    "sunset": 1718656097
  "timezone": 3600,
  "id": xxxxxx,
  "name": xxxxxxx",
  "cod": 200

Thank you, so what should I do? I have the subscription. how can I make it work?

This is what comes back to me with a click on test, but I see nothing on the graph
“lat”: 45.0712,
“lon”: 11.1374,
“timezone”: “Europe/Rome”,
“timezone_offset”: 7200,
“current”: {
“dt”: 1718643275,
“sunrise”: 1718594876,
“sunset”: 1718651098,
“temp”: 27.47,
“feels_like”: 28.35,
“pressure”: 1014,
“humidity”: 56,
“dew_point”: 17.92,
“uvi”: 0.71,
“clouds”: 15,
“visibility”: 10000,
“wind_speed”: 1.69,
“wind_deg”: 26,
“wind_gust”: 1.94,
“weather”: [
“id”: 801,
“main”: “Clouds”,
“description”: “few clouds”,
“icon”: “02d”

I wrote this in the other thread.