Fronius Push


Have been watching recent advice with interest. Took a deep breath and attempted to improve my push settings.

with the &v6=voltage_AC_phase_1 on end of meter push I can now see voltage. So that’s all good.

I had &nodayenergy=1 on the inverter push. Checked the software version - it’s 3.10.2-1 - so changed it to &dayenergy=1. immediately started getting zero readings with occasional peaks. Left it running for a couple of hours but problem persisted. So I’ve changed it back.

Am I misunderstanding the inverter setting somehow?


After changing to an energy counter, you really need to wait for a new day to see it working correctly.


Great. Will change it back and be more patient.

Much appreciated.


Just saying thanks… all fixed now.

It makes perfect sense… waiting for a new day… I clearly wasn’t thinking carefully enough about it.


i have an S0 meter connected not a fronius one though and it doesn’t work for the meter push settings. it does show me the solar, import and export on the fronius page but that’s it. so if your after the meter push its best to get the fronius meter rather than a pulse output meter


I have two arrays (or is it two strings?). An older set of panels and some more recently installed ones or higher capacity - both sets hooked up to the Fronius Primo 5.

With help (on this thread), I now have reliable and accurate (as compared with output from Smappee) readings on PVOutput. But I know I have some morning shading. I did try flying a small drone up to see how bad it is and which panels… so I can work out which trees to trim. But wasn’t very effective strategy.

just had a look at adding extended values (can’t see any relevant settings) or an extra push - eg Current Data - String Control (but Fronius says connection not possible).

Is this something that can be done?


As far as i can tell you cant get string control from the push or fronius php (that uses api)
Its obviously possible as the fronius solar web can display it but we don’t have access to the data they retrieve it from. I did hear you can get it from the modbus but haven’t looked into it.

If you want extended data and don’t have a smart meter you can use fronius.php on a pi or whatever is available. i have modified one called fronius ultimate php Fronius PHP Ultimate
That lists out all options you can get from the api and send whatever you want to extended data


hi dave yes there is somthing you can do to see how your shadeing affects your system, with your fronius if you go to and then go analysis and then history it will tell you all you need to know volts and amps for each array as this example bellow

so from this on your system you can see what both arrays are producing in real time so amps and volts from panels to inverter,this make it easy to see shade on one or both arrays and at what time,then fly drone at that time over shaded array and poinr cammer towards the sun and there you have the trees in the way are in view


Thanks. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Was so focused on getting the info to PVOutput that I ignored the fact that it’s already available.

Will keep an eye on those panels on an upcoming sunny weekend.