Fronius PHP Ultimate


Hi Guys, i modified a version of fronius PHP to give every option available from the API’s and to be able to work with or without three phase and the smart meter, added all configurable options at the top
Script located here

i have little to no coding experience and 0 PHP experience but after some trial and error i got the thing running pretty good its probably a little messy and has a few errors but still does what needs to be done.
if anyone can help me tidy up the code that would be great.

i have 1 question
B33st added $dataFile = and as i don’t have a meter hooked up yet i don’t know what it needs to be set as or what it does. anyone able to help?

also probably a question for @bankstownbloke
its uploading the data as“My Key”&sid=“My SystemID”&d=20180922&t=20:57&v1=51130&v2=&v6=&v7=&v8=&v9=&v10=&v11=&v12=

if something else is uploading data to V6,V7, etc and this script is sending blanks (since nothing is configured for that extended data channel) will that overwrite or affect the other device’s data thats uploaded?

Fronius Push

reused OP as i couldn’t delete it. so its updated ^^


Existing data will not be overwritten if empty is sent.