Fronius Push


i startet the push of the Log Data from inverter. Something is wrong with the last Log Push. the Values from the last hour of the last day are zero. sysid 57693. i also have a one Phase Fronius smartmeter with auto=1


It looks like the log push only goes up to 23:00 local time, the next push at 0:00 goes on to the next day and clears out all values, so the last hour is lost.

The day consumption calculated by auto=1 from meter current data pushes would have lower been lower than the 6436Wh result pushed by log data. No energy increases means power would be 0W.

Can you try removing the auto=1 from meter push?


ok, i changed auto=1 to n=1


Just added a change to enable auto=1 to work nice with the Log Data push after 23:00, feel free to change it back to auto if n=1 is not working well.


Results of Log Data pushes -


im using fronius push for 6 months now but on the 29th usage way out. there is almost zero usage as on a shed no house.i have not changed any setting is anyone else seeing same issue

just noticed app on phone shows last reading as export when next reading comes in goes as export previous one moves to used ?


Yes I’m seeing exactly the same since the 29th too. I rebooted the inverter during the day and it was fine for the rest of that day but subsequent days have done the same thing. No changes this end either, the setup has been working perfectly for over 12 months for me.


Sorry there was a change around handling negative consumption on the auto=1 parameter which doesn’t seem to work very well with the push data from your system.

The change has been reverted back.


Looks normal again this morning. Thanks!



Can someone help with the push data

i have put in both inverter and log data


there’s a parameter nodayenergy for inverter. what does this do and do i need it? im guessing i just put &nodayenergy=(0 or 1) at the end of the link

now is the log data to show the correct averages and update it if anything hasn’t be added??

There is 2 parameters Mode and auto. do i have to set them and if so to what?

I have the inverter connected before my metering device so it is gross consumption
i have a flukso to read my gross consumption

so i need the setup to show all generation then work out how much was import or export.

also the metering device i have hooked up to the flukso is a pulse output so could that actually be connected to the Inverter in meter setup as the “S0 Inverter 1” instead of the fronius smart meter and get all the benefits of having them both hooked in together?



@B-Man this is the line in my inverter (Note NOT meter):

And this produces the green line in

If you’re running the latest version of firmware in the inverter (in ‘system information’ tab mine says 'Software version 3.10.2-1 ', and the firmware update button says theres no newer firmware available) then the ‘day energy bug’ should be fixed, and so you probably want ‘dayenergy=1’ to get the inverter’s idea of what cumulative energy has been generated, rather than have PVO calculate it from the 5-minute power values.

I think the ‘mode’ and ‘auto’ parameters are only relevant to meters, not inverters, so I’m not using them in my inverter push settings.

(more on ‘day energy’ - the data retrieved from the inverter each time includes current instantaneous power (PAC), and cumulative energy generated by the inverter for the day, for the year, and for its total lifetime: see Fronius Push above for what this looks like.
In older firmware, the DAY_ENERGY value had issues, so a flag was put in to the push URL to prevent PVO using it, and instead have PVO calculate day energy from the power - this is the ‘nodayenergy’ flag. The bug seems to have been fixed, but the default is now to not use the DAY_ENERGY value, so ‘dayenergy=1’ is required to make PVO read the DAY_ENERGY value rather than recalculate it from scratch, which introduces errors if a sample or two is missed, and if the power varies significantly between 5-minute samples).


yes updated to the latest version
appears to be running fine with the Inverter and log data. i setup.

I did add the &dayenergy=1 to the inverter push and all still seems fine. thanks.

ill be looking at hooking up my smart meter ABB B23 pulse output device to the fronius just unsure if i will use that or continue using the flukso to post my data. depends if it works as expected or not.