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Hi BB,
I’ve noticed our Fronii are underreporting generation to PVOutput lately.
For example ended the day with 24kWh but solarweb reports 34.48kWh. tells us 34kWh but solarweb sez 37kWh.
We set them up with /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=your_sid&key=your_key
Has anything changed at your end or is it another feature from Fronius?
John, Positronic


Last change was on 16/Jun that would not have affected inverter readings.

The generation value is taken from DAY_ENERGY.


I refer to system ID36437, Fronius Hybrid with battery.

Something whacky is going on with Fronius Push from my perspective. It seems like about June 27th, ‘Power Generated’ values started to show drops to zero (not related to weather).

The value ‘Power Generated’ seems to depict net consumption.

Perhaps Fronius has stuffed something in a firmware update. Unfortunately I can’t recall the timeline of when firmware updates occured.


I had this as well. Got into contact with fronius. They told me they were having issues with reading values from MPP2 with the 28090 firmware. They rolled my symo inverter back to the previous firmware and the data went back to normal. They also told me their next firmware would solve the issue. That next firmware is now available, 28171.
I haven’t tried that yet, but I will.
There was also an update to the data logger which I’m applying now.


is this issue why my consumed stats are incorrect while i am generating? please see below screenshots. First is my Consumption/generation from solarweb.

/continued in next post… can only upload one photo… :confused:


I have setup the push as per the help guide on this site, and this is how pvoutput plotted the same data

how can i go about getting accurate data from both services?


You will need to use the auto=1 option.


Thanks @bankstownbloke

had to scour the thread to find that you append &auto=1 on the fronius post url, and you have to have a donation account (not sure on this one though)

Was seriously scratching my head until i found that nugget. Ive donated so now its the waiting game. thx for the assist.


ok i have added &auto=1 to the end of the push post url

the data seems a bit better, but i am getting occasional 0 values, and my energy used is no longer getting incremented.


Just adding my Fronius Push and the resulting data vs what Powercor is reporting from their side.


Powercor: General Supply of 12kWh (from grid)
Powercor: Export of 11.3kWh

Using: /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=53232&key=*****&auto=1&v3=None

Seems pretty close for 07/08/2017, 5.4kWh used of Solar vs 5.6kWh
Can’t work out how to get the Solar Web reports yet to get the raw data to compare.



If you have a linux server available there are so scripts which do a more reliable job than the fronius push.


I have the same problem and they told me it will be fixed in the next firmware update of my Fronius Inverter ( Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M )

The problem i’m having is that during the day the power and average drops to 0 Watt


When i logon the the inverter self by it’s local IP adress i also see wrong values.

By example 17-08-2017 generated 6.780Watt and when i’m looking in Solarweb it’s 10.91

I hope it will be solved in the next firmware update, but i’m having this problem since 08-07-2017 (New installed system).

Do you guy’s have some advice for me ?


I have a brand new Fronius Primo install, donation active, and adding “&auto=1” gives me no data at all.

Can be seen between 10:30AM and 2:30PM:

After that I started messing with a few other options to see if I could get anything working. Any ideas?

Yesterday the power used was completely wrong and appeared to just be following power generated. Solar web reports it all correctly as other people have said.


Please wait at least 24hrs with the auto=1 option as it uses start of day import/export totals


thanks bankstownbloke, will try that. Do i need anything other than auto=1? I’ve seen some people using v3=None or delay=15 etc.


Hmm so it has mostly been working well except for a huge amount of 0 readings betweeen 11:30am and 3pm:

Solarweb for comparison:

any ideas what happened there?


The energy is peaking at noon which means you probably have the Fronius firmware bug.


Aha, thanks! will try that out tomorrow.


So after that change, yesterday and today:

It does look like there’s still some issue here… the midday energy is still all over the place with a bunch of 0W entries. I do have &nodayenergy=1 on the inverter push.


0W will be registered when -

Generation + Imported - Export

Results in a negative value. Imported / Export is from the meter push and generation from the inverter push.

All these value use Fronius timestamps so there is possibly a timing issue between the inverter and meter. You can try changing the push frequency e.g. 5 minutes to 1 minute.