Trannergy forward to pvoutput no longer supported

Dear forum.
Trannergy just shut down its former log website and migrated their customers to a new site. In the former site there was an option to also upload the data to pvoutput. Alas not so in the new setup.

When I login to the local webpage of my inverter, there is an option ‘remote server setting’ (advanced, remote server). It is possible to add a server I guess. Could I use that to send the data to some server I need to implement at home or direcly to pvoutput? Got a few raspberies lying around as well as ESP8266.
Maybe I can acces the inverter directly via wifi and get the data? Someone knows the format or has a detailed manual about that?

Guess what: I revived my 8 year old program ‘omnikstats’ from 2013. The Trannergy inverters are a lot like the Omnik’s. With some polishing got it working with my Trannergy.

I’ll try and migrate it to an ESP8266. Would anyone be interested?

Data collection through WiFi, no cables required.

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Yes please, that would be great.

I managed to code some software for the ESP8266. Testresults look good.
Also have code for a linux computer (or raspberry)

PM me if interested.

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I like your help to convert data van Trannergy to PVOutput!

Beach, can you send the ESP8266 code to me?


Beach, great job! Could you please send the raspberry (linux) code to me? I would like to be able to import the Trannergy data into Domoticz again.

Please send me the code ald linux code as well!

Hi, can you help me to get pv working with trannergy?

Im intrested for the code for raspberry pi,

so i can use it with pvoutput to send to my domoticz


It is now possible to setup Trannergy Auto Uploads

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Hi B, has created an connection to their API

For those who (still) want to do home monitoring, I uploaded the software to github:


The 1st one is for ESP8266, the 2nd one can be used with any linux computer.