Tariff Plans - Improved plan comparison

It is now possible to compare multiple tariff plans over a longer period of time, up to 31 days.

On the Daily Page click on Plan Cost


Click on the plan names below the graph to load the cost comparison - the below shows 3 plans compared. The longer the gold bars the better the plan compared to the baseline / historic cost.

The date period can be changed via Customise


Handy feature for plan change assessment. However, when I compare my current plan with previous plan, exports and imports values do not match?

It appears the system has no live consumption data or entered manually.

This is required to calculate the import which is 0Wh for all days listed.

Yes, sbfspot does not support consumption data uploads, so I update daily export & import data manually. The manual data is not considered for this comparison?


It seems like there is an issue with the comparison values. When I compare the “Current” to the Current Active Plan (which right now is “SCE Summer”), there is a variance in the Credit / Debit amount, which affects the Balance and Saving columns. Shouldn’t the Balance be the same and the Saving be $0 if comparing to the same plan?

The credit / debit DOES match up on the weekends (see the highlights on the images), just not the weekdays. Do I have the tariff’s loaded incorrectly? Note that the Import / Export values are correct on all days. - Thanks

Only the 5-minute data for both generation and consumption is considered as this determines the final export/import value on each day.

For this particular setup the recorded export/import should just be multiplied by the selected plan tariff rates, ignoring the live generation data.

Looks like a bug which treated all days as the weekend!

It’s fixed now, thanks for reporting the issue -

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It is now possible enable the No Recalcuation option via the Customise to calculate plan tariffs using the existing export/import data, which will work with manual entries.


Mate, that is great! Thanks for catering for this scenario. Checked and it seems to all good.

Is the 31 day restriction due to limiting performance impact on your hosting hardware?
Only change plans once a year, so not a real drama to manually assess each month individually, if that is the compromise.

Plan comparisons are a little data intensive since every 5-minute data point needs to be retrieved and processed.

Fantastic, Thanks for providing this.

I had been wondering about how I could compare plans and pvoutput has made it easy.

I did need a few extra steps, including loading multiple tariffs and had to reset the calculations, but now it is working a treat and has confirmed my suspicions I don’t want to switch to TOU.

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Has this been removed? I do not have a “plan cost” button anywhere?

It’s still there. Make sure you are on the “Daily” view. That is the only view that the Plan Cost is visible for.

Edit: The help file indicates that Tariff Plan comparisons are a Donation feature.

not sure if somethings wrong or i have done something wrong.

my ‘current’ plan doesnt seem to add up correctly… not sure if my plan isn’t what I think it is or it calculates incorrectly.

[Origin TOU 16c FIT] is my current plan and set as active as far as im aware but when I compare my current plan to the old plan and the Origin TOU 16c FIT (current) plan they are all reading different where current and Origin TOU 16c FIT should be the same…?

ok so for some reason I had to add my FIT generation credit into all the slots in my tariff plan… even the ones that don’t have TOU. and seems to work now.

I have donated, I haven’t been updated as having so yet. I was for the last year except for about 4 days (didn’t realise it had expired).Donated again yesterday.

" Donation bonus features are activated immediately and expire in 1 year.


This has not happened for me

My current donation status says

This donation will expire on 13 Apr 2023

The link only appears when the system has least one tariff plan first and enable it for the system.

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I can’t figure this out at all. I enter a tariff plan (actually I created a “testing” complete system with new tariff’s) yet it just won’t pick up any import, only export.

Pretty frustrating to be honest.

Also this “plan cost” button still only shows on my “testing” system, not my normal “Active” system

Do you have the tariffs set for both the “Credit Rates” (generation/export) and “Debit Rates” (consumption/import)?

Plans are systems based, you will also need to add plans for the “Active” system.


I have only a flat 0.03 credit.

This is what I have.