Looking for help to confirm my setup is ok?



I’m new to solar and also PVOutput and looking for assistance on how my system is performing.

I believe I have set up the SE to send the correct data to PVoutput, and I’m learning how to read the data on here, but hope you can also assist point anything out of concern or things I should be looking for.

My profile is : https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=68496

look forward to chatting and thank you


Find a few systems near or in the same postcode to compare with -


looking at my numbers Consumption and Import seem to be the same numbers, same for Generation and Export is this correct ?



Hmm yes that is strange. Live reads ok…
Can you show us how ur sending the data?

There may be an option to set gross or net metering in your settings on pvoutput and i think you have the wrong one

Have a look here

Also looks like the 15th ur system derated due to too high voltage. If it keeps that up get onto your network provider and get them to have a look


Hi B-Man,
thanks for replying, Here is a screen shot of my data.

Is this the right area to find these settings ?

thank you for the heads up about the system performance on the 15th derated due to high voltage, I will research this further to understand as this was a very hot day and we did not use much energy on this day…

really appericate your assistnace


hi it looks to me that the derating on the 15 th was caused by the inverter temperatuer being to high ie above 38c =it starts to derate.
as you have a Solaredge 8000 inverter you can i think read the inverter temperature stright of the solaredge screen and i think you can also send it to pv output as well, if you want to check the inverter output voltage you can proberly see the line out voltage on your supply meter from your electric supplyer,or if you want to do it in the house just buy one of those plug in power meters used for telling how many watts appliances are using in your house they also read volts,
one like this workes ok https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-energy-cost-electrical-meter_p4410270


Thank you should I get this looked at my the installer?


what are your secondary sensor settings there? and how are you uploading consumption…

@bankstownbloke would have more of an idea than me.

i can get my head around why its uploading consumption and generation and not working out your import/export.

its either getting uploaded wrong or theres a setting you need to change.

i just found this. have a look


Consumption should not be the same as generation, however the latest results on 17-Sep look correct.



Thank you B-Man, for your help, i’m struggling to get this right as I have my L plates on.

I have added a picture of my settings

It seems Net Calculations is enabled… and Net Method is Average…

I hope I can get it right soon to start understanding how my solar is working…

thanks again for helping


looking at my advanced settings, could you be to do with Aggregation Mode?


The settings are correct, you have primary device on solar direction and secondary on consumption direction. Aggregation Mode has no effect on single system setups.


I sounder what the problem is with my readings. Thanks


HI, I have a SolarEdge inverter SE7600A-US. I had a similar problem but finally resolved it. I have a couple of questions:

  1. What is the exact model number of your SExxxx inverter?
  2. Did your installation include a power meter installed directly in the inverter?
    This is important because if the answer to question 2 is “no” you cannot use the secondary device option. The device would have to be a Modbus meter from SolarEdge. It should look something like this:
    HI, I have a SolarEdge inverter SE7600A-US. I had a similar problem but finally resolved it.


Hi Iwsmiser,

Thank you for helping out, I’m very confused with this problem is.

  1. I have an SE8000 H Photovoltaic inverter
  2. Yes I have the following,
  3. Not sure how to find this ?
  4. i understand it go’s Meter box, SE Energy meter, and I have a PV DC Isolator, inverter and Inverter A.C Isolator switches.



Can you screenshot your secondary device settings.
And are you adding data through some other form. Or just through pvoutput.

Long shot but do you need to fill in tariff data?

If consumption= import and generation = export its like theres a setting missing to work out net from gross. Your v1,v2,v3 and v4 seem to calculate correctly but the daily tab somehow doesnt seem to work out correctly


I calculated your values for the pervious day (18/09/2018)
production 36.10
Consumption 17.48
Net 18.63
import 10.18
Export 28.81
However, your column graph shows the Consumption equal to your Import and your Production equal to your Export. That suggests that your have not setup your secondary device. Obviously the calculations are not being done correctly.

to set up the secondary device click on the system size on the main system status display page and set the following:
type: Solaredge
Direction: Net
and be sure to apply your API Key and Site ID. The same as for the main device. (be sure to save your changes by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the settings page.)
If the Net setting doesn’t work try Consumption. It will depend on how your Modbus meter is connected. It should be net if connected to the mains and Consumption if connected to the loads. I cannot tell form your picture. You can test it by comparing the above values for 18/09 with the daily graph.


Thank you B-Man, appreciate you looking at this, I think you and Iswsmiser are onto something with the secondary settings.
Posting pics below…


Thanks Iwsmiser, You and B-Man are onto something, I have now checked all my API Key & Site ID’s and also changed my secondary system settings to Net as per the picture.

secondary device

Primary device

Now, this has changed I will let it run for tomorrow and then look at comparing the difference and let you both know as this is a mystery for me.

I see today was a good production and usage day but the number still out…

again thank you both a lot to learn, but your help is great, thank you


My NetPower and NetEnergy is now reporting in negative numbers, this seems strange ?