Looking for help to confirm my setup is ok?


I noticed the response to the change you made about 10:30 last evening. Obviously the change isn’t correct. Did you try the Consumption setting?
I would suggest that you remove the secondary device settings all together or reset them to what they were before. From the display the resulting graph is completely wrong. The consumption is now appearing to be twice that of the production. It looks like Bankstownbloke should be able to resolve the issue.

I looked up this device and it has settings…see page 24 for function settings:

Your installer should be able to set it up properly if they know how to do that.


Thank you Iwsmiser, I have not revered back to consumption monitoring as per before as the change made things worse.
Thank you for the guide i will refer to P24 today and also as my installer if they can assist, as it is a mystery.

@bankstownbloke would you have any ideas on how to resolve this as it’s a real pain trying to baseline my usage ?



secondary setting should be consumption

can you create a new system and only fill in whats required ie. system size.

put the first device as consumption
second as solar

don’t add or change anything else apart from putting in the api and site id for each device.

test that.

those settings are correct as its graphing right. just not tallying import/export correctly


what did you do to resolve yours?


The PVOutput settings are correct, the primary device is Solar and the secondary is Consumption.

The following graph for the system on 19-Sep looks normal.

SolarEdge reports 15-minute consumption data and PVOutput will average these out into 5-minute intervals.



I agree the data appears to be correct but Hillside Bardon’s point is that the column graph is incorrect. Import = Generation and Export = Consumption cannot be true. Something is causing the calculation of Import and Export to be incorrect.


Thank you B-Man and Iwsmiser I looked at others and there numbers match hence my confusion.

@bankstownbloke would you have any other suggestions?


Thanks - this is clear now, the problem is with the daily data not the live data.

@hillside - the system is missing tariff rates, currently it is at 0c per kWh and will not register TOU or export/import.


At least a peak and off-peak rate for both export and import is required.


I did mention about the tariff rates here and assumed it was attempted i guess not. Atleast i was on the right track.

Looking for help to confirm my setup is ok?

After helping on alot of forums i understand why stackexchange is so picky with posting questions


Thank you @bankstownbloke I thought I had completed this on setup, I have added in a profile now, good to know what was causing it, tomorrow I will go and review all my setup.

You did B-Man and thank you, I will circle back in a few days… thanks again for your awesome help.


The tariffs have been setup, however the system is now configured to use a tariff plan but the plan itself is not enabled.


Enable the plan or disable the use of plans on the main system configuration.


Consumption == Exported

@bankstownbloke thank you I have now done this I will give it a day or two to see what the readings are like


@lwsmiser and @B-Man thank you for your help ! =:slight_smile:


The plan EA Non-Winter/Summer is still not active, see the screenshot provided above on how to enable it.


Thanks @bankstownbloke I’m hitting save but it’s not working or user error…


The plan has been saved as active and import/export is calculating correctly.


@bankstownbloke @B-Man @lwsmiser Thank you for all your help, it’s up and running and i know this will also help people in the future… have a great day !