Is going to support the new WU API

Is going to support the new WU API protocol? I am a PWS owner and have generated the new API key. But when I test it, it says it is unrecognized.

Is the reason that it failed that you haven’t implemented the new WU API key protocol?

Did you read this topic ?

Based on the above wunderground should have contacted you regarding obtaining a key that will continue to provide access to your PWS data.

There is no change in the wunderground API for PVOutput to implement.

If you are a Personal Weather Station owner, you will receive more information about our plan to offer free access to the data you provide to Weather Underground. We’ll reach out once that plan has been finalized.


For those of us that have a PWS, our current API keys are valid until 22Mar2019. Current PWS contributors can obtain a new API key that can be used with a replacement API. The two API keys and APIs are not compatible with each other. Documentation for the new API is here: Weather Company API

It would be fantastic if you could support the new API otherwise I’ll have to come up with my own solution by the end of the month.

I haven’t generated a new key yet as I don’t know if the old key will still work after I do and I havent had the time to work with the new API. If you need someone to test for you, let me know and I’ll go ahead and create my new key. I can live without temperature data for a while.

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I have generated a new WUG API key but have not replaced the old one. I’ll replace the old one at the time it no longer works. Likewise, I’ll generate an API as well as an APP API from Ambientweather should the new WUG API key not work

Based on @gregvet’s response and rereading the e-mail from WU, I went ahead and generated a new API key. The old key was not disabled immediately when the new key was generated. The new API is pretty straightforward and I was able get data from WU without any issues.

I generated the new key and it does not work. I don’t have access to the old WU key. I had switched to the Ambient API key and am seeing issues so I wanted to switch back to the WU API key. You can’t reclaim the old WU API key and I had no record or local copy of it.

Seems I am out of luck now.

@pjschaffer - Thanks for clarifying this, this is indeed a different API.

@kemyers95963 - Please send over your new API key to for testing so people with wunderground PWS will still be supported after 22 March.

BB - I’ll send you my key for testing as well

@kemyers95963 you might be able to find your old key here ->

Login into your Weather Underground account before you click on the link and then click on “Key Settings”

I’ve sent my new WUG key as well if that will help.

Thanks that is my “old” API key. Couldn’t get there from the new API generation website. WU like to hide and bury things.

The new Wunderground API is now supported.

Note that Weather Auto Upload has been moved to its own section Weather Device to reduce screen clutter.

To use the new key, Enable the PWS API option. Click on TEST to check that the key is valid.

The new key also allows access to some additional fields that can be uploaded to Extended Parameters -

  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Solar Radiation
  • UV

Wunderground instructions on creation new API keys for PWS owners -[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=20025736#reply_20025736


Any chance you could support open weather too?

I see OpenWeatherMap in the dropdown also.

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Oh good, I hadn’t checked yet.

Frustrating to see that the new WU only returns integer temperatures.

New: lumpy temperature trace:
Old: smooth temperature trace:

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Must be WU as open weather returns temps to 1 decimal place.

Looks like the new WUG API is sending out temp readings less frequently as temp changes occur between every 10 to 25 minutes on PVOutput instead of minute measurements with the old API. The WUG dashboard still shows smooth temp traces however. I’ll try Ambient Weather if this does suit me.

Thank you for fixing this. I was dreading having to hack my Davis Instruments device to send the data to OpenWeatherMap. Now I can just transfer my existing key and set it up. Bummer the new API is only integer values for temps but better than nothing.