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Ive lost my Temperature :frowning:
Please add my vote for a new api site :slight_smile:

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@gregvet - Can you generate a throw away ambientweather api key and email it to please.

Hi Bankstownbloke, I have sent the following correspondence to the Ambient Weather Founder/CEO:
“Hi Mr. Edelman, I have been asked by the developer of PVOutput to generate a test API key to see if it is compatible with PVOutput. If I do generate a test API key, will I lose the ability to generate a different API for my own personal use? Thank you for that consideration.”
I will let you know the response ASAP.

here is the Ambient Weather Network API Facebook page if it will help you:

I’ll send you both a user key and developer key to the e-mail address.
"I am not sure what he is asking for, but there is a User Key and App or Developer Key.

You can generate both, and as many as you want, here:"

Ambient weather is now supported, it requires an ambient api key and app key.


Generate the keys by logging in and going to -


  • Enter the api key in Ambient API Key field and the rest of the ambient fields will appear.
  • Enter the app key and click on TEST to check if the keys are valid.
  • Additional weather data may be uploaded to extended data fields.

Valid keys will display some text data in a new window -



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Do you need to make an account to log on?
If so it asks for the mac addy of your weather unit which I dont have.

I tried without an account and got an api key and an app key. by pressing associated button at bottom of page.
After testing new page comes up saying {“error”:“applicationKey-invalid”}
Tried with new keys 4 times :frowning:
If I need an account is there a list of weather station Mac addys for different locationss?

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This thread says you need your own weather station before it will work…:woozy_face:
Hoping for an easy low cost solution.

Well Ambient does offer some low cost stations with just a simple outdoor thermometer. You don’t have to get the stations with the complete monitoring array. Looks like a $75 unit would be the cheapest that has connectivity and reporting to So that one would have a MAC address since it has Internet connectivity.
Found this for $29 (US) How do know if they are able to be read by PVOutput?
Thanks Baz

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This might help you:

This station for $31.00 can connect to Ambientweather:

That looks to be the cheapest solution to get a Ambient API key.

Currently only available in the US.
Will search around more for Oz.

Support for which does not require a personal weather station is in progress -


Thanks for a positive response BB

OpenWeatherMap is now available -

Hi BB help please i am using an old xp64 computer and when i download the list all i get is a lot of symbols, nothing i can read,what do i need to read the list in English please, jim

If you are trying to find your city id, I think the way @yaryman suggested as easier than going through the file.

thanks for that, the nearest cite to me is Perth over 250 kms from me, so different weather, had hoped to use bunbury, which is a city and only 90 km from me but its not on the list.:cold_sweat: