WeatherUnderground API Update

As of March 4th, Weather Underground has manually disabled all personal (free) account API’s not connected to a weather station. That means anyone with a free account will no longer be able to access a station to populate PVOutput unless they have their own personal station feeding Weather Underground.

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Great. Lost my connection as of 3/6 last transmission to PVOUTPUT. Any other easy alternatives?

Well converted over to Ambient Weather’s API and am very satisfied so far. I actually have temp data now for the whole day and not just with generation like I had with the WU API. Have my solar insolation still mapped to V7 extended and everything appears to be working correctly.

@ kemyers95963 do you need your own weather station to do that?
If how did you get around the mac addy bit?

Yes, you need a Ambient Weather station to make an account and get the API key.

I was also surprised by this action, as the tool I made to upload my data crashed on this. I switched to the darksky api ( to get temperature and weather info
They provide free service when you stay under 1000 requests per day, and you do not need to have a weather station to use their service

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This model is $32

Here is what WU has to say now.

Old API keys that are associated with a PWS will be kept working until March 22, 2019. However, that will be the very last day for those API keys to work , so you should transition as quickly as you can to the new API.

So my backyard weather station that is mounted on my array will no longer work unless PVOutput can provide an alternative. Any suggestions?

Wont ship to Australia.:sleepy:
Will have a look at the darksky mentioned above

If you’re in Australia, can you use the BoM data? I use the Blackpaw/fronius-pvoutput php script on a Raspberry Pi to upload to PVoutput, and it uses data to populate my temperature every five minutes.

That sounds great…any chance of a tutorial on how to integrate darksky in PVOutput?

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If you were with WUG and you have a PWS, then all you need to do is to request a new API from WUG to use. Those who do not have a PWS will need to find alternative options.

Wunderground PWS is also using a new API and new key. PVOutput changes to support this is being tracked in the following topic -