Fronius Push - Inverter+Meter Daily Logdata

The PVOutput Fronius Push service now supports the daily log data format SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data from the inverter.

The daily log data can be pushed every hour and the message will contain the current day’s average 5-minute data.

To send the summary add another push service with -

  • Data format - SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data
  • Interval - 1 hour

All the other settings should be the same as the existing SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Inverter setup.

Note that the hourly log data push will -

  • Contain average power values, the result will be identical to Fronius solarweb results.
  • Fill in any gaps in the data throughout the day, due to connection issues etc
  • Hourly log data values will overwrite any existing instantaneous data pushed by CurrentData in the last hour.

Gross Consumption

If the Fronius meter has been configured to measure gross consumption instead of Net then add the mode parameter to the end of Upload file name.

Depending on how the meter was wired/configured the gross data may either appear on the export or import

Mode 1 for consumption measured on export counter

  • /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=1234&key=abcde&mode=1

Mode 2 for consumption measured on import counter

  • /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=1234&key=abcde&mode=2

This is now working with meter data and we have had some positive results.



All gaps and 0W on the consumption have been eliminated. Highly recommended to add the additional Logdata push.

Awesome, seems to work well, Cheers

Can you post an example of what the entry should look like in the Push service?

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I believe it should look like this. Replace SID and KEY with your SID and API Key.

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Confirming the screenshot by @blackdesk is correct.

Note this is an additional push. There should be three pushes -

  • SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Inverter
  • SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter
  • SolarAPI v1 - LogData - Data

Thanks Blackdesk. Just what I needed. It was not clear that this was a selectable item from the drop down list of “Data Format”. I have now added the extra push and will wait and see how it goes over the next few days. Unfortunately the day I added the extra push was the worst day of power generation for over 15 months (1.2kW)

There might be a bug with the logdata though, see

Around 5pm you can see a phantom jump in generation. That’s about when I enabled the logdata push so maybe it’s double counting? It also affects the consumption.

Having a look at the energy jump in the 5-minutes, it would be not possible for that high value to be calculated from power unless the energy value was sent by the inverter push (CurrentData - Inverter).

It could either be a coincidence that this happened the moment LogData push was added or the Logdata push caused issues with the DAY_ENERGY energy reported by Fronius.

Can you add &nodayenergy=1 to the inverter push config? This tells PVOutput to ignore the energy sent by Fronius and calculate it from power.

This issue is described in the thread below -

It’s odd that it coincided with the settings change on my side and I’ve not had any problems before. The “power used” also had a large spike that slid along the chart every hour finally stopping at 11pm.

Today’s metrics seem fine so far, so I might hold off on changing the nodayenergy flag as I’ve not had any problems before.

Is it possible through the UI to edit out those false reading?

Actually, no, the data for today looks weird as well compared to solarweb. I’ll add nodayenergy=1 when I get a chance at home.

Is it recommended to add the logdata push if the other inverter and meter push are mostly reliable? Right now it seems like it’s causing more issues for me.

If you’re not having any issues with the current setup (no gaps or 0W) then the logdata push isn’t necessary.

2018-07-02 has been fixed, the Live Loader can be used to correct the energy values.

The following sample data resets the energy back to 16920Wh from 17:10 to 17:20


Load Configuration


Thanks for the tip to look at the Live Loader. I’ve exported the data from Solar Web and hopefully mapped the values correctly.

However, if the power goes off or your WLAN link fails for (less than?) an hour, I assume this Push edit will fill in the gap?

I added the new Push instruction this afternoon before reading your suggestion and it’s working fine. No spikes like those mentioned above, although the Fronius Solarweb server did fail early this evening (for me) but all the PVO Push data continued uninterrupted.

The log data contains the cumulative entire’s day log, as long as the connection is back up by the last hour of the day (23:00 for meters) and sundown for inverter only, all gaps will be filled.

This is similar to solar web receives the data, although they seem to get additional pushes if you happen to be offline for a few days.

The log data format was tested with a gross and net meter push and working fine. It maybe the firmware version that’s producing some undesired results for @blackdesk.

But if yours is working then its best to use it since it will help with the many connection issues.

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I’m fairly certain I’m running the latest firmware on both the data logger (3.10.2-1) and the inverter (fro28500.upd). Is there anything else I can do to help try and diagnose the issue if there is one?

Please send the log data to froniuslog.jsp instead of froniuspush.jsp this will capture the raw data for analysis.

Thanks for helping and the inconvenience this is causing.

My frequent connection issues are all in the past with a LAN cable installed a few months ago, but this will be welcome for any other outages … thanks!

(Which reminds me; my system installer came back 2 years after the install and wired in the LAN, but I’ve yet to see a bill. I think I’d better call and remind him … best kept on-side :wink:

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Done. Happy to help.