Fronius Push - Inverter+Meter Daily Logdata


This was quite useful, the problem was the system has two inverters, and the service only took into account one inverter.

The post on the 02 July where the value jumped to 30kWh as reported by current inverter push was correct. Energy values before 5pm only used one inverter from the log data push.

The problem is now fixed and all inverters are added from log data. Today’s log data 04 July should now produce the following graph.


Ah, yes, sorry should have mentioned the setup I had with one data logger and two inverters. The chart you’ve got there matches what was recorded without the logdata so it looks good.

I’ve flipped the settings back to froniuspush.php and we’ll see how it goes. Thanks.


Seems there might a problem with time zones? After the logdata push the power generated drops to 0 at 10am then starts again at 16:50 (about 10 hours after it should). Then there’s data for tomorrow loaded somehow too.


Sorry, can you push back to froniuslog.jsp? There were no issues with the samples posted throughout this morning.


Yup, done. I’ll push to both and see if it sorts itself out in the morning.


Since the LogPush i have Waves at the top of the Production Graph


With logpush


This is a normal looking output for my system:

I added the Log Data Push to my inverter it caused issues with my consumption data.
With both the Inverter Push and Log Data Push set to &auto=1

With both the Inverter Push and Log Data Push set to &v3=None (my normal settings)

It happens as soon as my generation overtakes my consumption. When the hourly data log is pushed through, the consumption goes back to normal as well as filling in the odd gaps in output and consumption, but the next Inverter and Meter Push causes the consumption curve to go back to spiking.

I am running DataLogger FW 3.10.2-1 and Inverter FW fro28500.
I have removed the Log Data Push and will see what today’s output looks like.


This is looking good now, although you’re sending to froniuspush.jsp instead of froniuspost.jsp. Please change it to froniuspost.jsp. This is what caused the offset issue.


It looks okay for the 4th and 5th July, although it is not ‘Fine’ day curve graph. Will have to wait for the next sunny day, but power values (green line) are average values reported from Fronius energy.


Derp, sorry, fixed that and it’s now pointing to froniuspost.jsp. That’s what I get for editing on the phone rather than on a computer.

Yeah, the data all looks good to me now. The only quirk is at around 11pm the power reading go to zero but have a very high value just before. I think the numbers will add up correctly, just looks weird in the cart. See

I’ll see if it happens again tonight after fixing the URL.


The current inverter/meter push only updates the next 5-minute interval, there are many gaps in the consumption for 20180703 and a few on 20180704 are you sure Log data was pushed on these dates?

You can change the log data push setting from froniuspost.jsp to froniuslog.jsp so we can take a look at the data, this won’t update anything.


Lets see what happens at 11:00pm tonight as there were changes still being made around that time last night.


I have added the lag data push back into the inverter, sending to froniuslog.jsp.

The showing gaps in consumption were not actually there. Once generation exceeded consumption on both examples, the consumption showed the irregular spikes and consumption dropping to zero. When the logged data populated every hour after that, the gaps disappeared, until the next 5 minute meter/inverter push and the spikes and zero consumptions returned. It was quite odd.
I would not have worried too much if the hourly push of log data after the generation dropped below consumption cleaned it up like it was doing while consumption was below generation, but this failed to happen.

This is yesterdays output with the log data push removed, and everything is back to normal:


Can you please provide a screenshot of these spikes, today’s graph looks normal with no gaps or 0W recorded on consumption or generation during daylight.

The graph sample below is for today’s 06/July log data up to 5:00PM


The below is what is happening, the settings for both the log data and inverter push were the same. As soon as generation was greater than consumption , this is what was happening:

The hourly log data push would fix it, and then the next 5 minute inverter/meter push would revert back to the spikes.


Hi BB, i have had no problem with my average power readings at all,data taken straight for inverter via Fronius push to PVorg, now i have no average power readings, how can i fix this please thanks jim


Somewhat similar issue here.

I trialled the Daily Logdata push, but 2 - 3 days in to it I noticed a few zeros happening through the daylight hours in the Power Used column - something I’d not seen since getting the LAN connection. There’d only be 4 - 5 per day, but the majority would be on a 55 minute push.

So I dumped the Daily Logdata push leaving the other two Inverter and Meter scripts untouched, however this morning I realised that there’d been whole columns of overnight data missing when the Power hits zero (sunset to sunrise). It’s not total some nights, but can change at midnight to include Energy, Efficiency, Average and Normalised as below -

The remaining Inverter and Meter push scripts haven’t been edited since I removed the ‘overnight’ patch (NoDayEnergy?) some months ago after a firmware fix, and there’s been no missing data or zeros prior to this recent Daily Logdata trial. I’ve rechecked the Inverter and Meter push scripts and they appear complete/uncorrupted.

[Edit - Mid-afternoon and no zero consumptions so far today, but two instances of zero generation have been recorded on a fairly bright day. I’ve just done a Datalogger restart to see if things are any different this evening]


i have not altered the inverter script and how now noticed that PVO is showing a greater running energy and total energy the the direct WLan feed straight from the inverter, the gap slowly gets wider during the day and is about 0.3 kw at the end of the day. i have never had a difference of more 10 watts before so something is off, BB if you can tell me how to get the average power back i will see if that fixes it, i have a inverter, NO meter or other device in this system,straight fronius push setup, my system name is Jims maxim jinkos 6.625kW thanks for your thoughts and help with this Jim


@jimdcollie see here Fronius Push - Dropping DAY_ENERGY.
On Friday there was a change, and now the inverter script is calculating daily energy from the power values, rather than using the actual energy counter in the Fronius push - which may account for your discrepancy.
If you weren’t having any trouble with your pushed data from the inverter before, try adding ‘&dayenergy=1’ to the end of the push upload line inside your Fronius inverter to restore the function back to how it was working last week. This worked for me.


thank you i will try that when the inverter is on line tomorrow