Fronius Push - Dropping DAY_ENERGY

Support for recording the DAY_ENERGY value pushed by Fronius inverter will be dropped on Friday 06 July 2018.

There has been numerous issues with day energy value, most notably freezes during the day when production has not ended resulting in under reported value.

e.g. image

Daily energy will now be calculated by power PAC values instead - this produces a more accurate result. The average power (orange line) and power value (green line) will now be identical.

If you still wish to record day energy, add &dayenergy=1 to the inverter push config.

Comments are welcome below.

I’ll be keeping using dayenergy with the dayenergy=1 flag then - don’t know why others are having problems, but mine has been flawless using DAY_ENERGY since the system was turned on a month or two back.

I struggle to understand how using PAC can be more accurate when accumulating the samples into an energy figure for the day, when PAC is just a moment-in-time measure. If the 5 minute sample is taken right after I switch on the kettle for 30 seconds, that level will be taken as the energy for the whole 5 minute block, and PVO will have no concept of how much the power use has flickered up and down in the time until the next sample. Using PAC, the accuracy of the accumulated energy for the day will be greatly dependent on the sampling frequency, whereas using the DAY_ENERGY figure directly from the device I know the accumulated energy will be correct even if I only sample hourly rather than every 5 minutes, and even if a few PAC samples are missed due to a Internet outage.

(I’d really really like to be using the Tesla PW2 ‘energy_imported’ and ‘energy_exported’ counters rather than the ‘instant_power’ counters for the same reason. Much much more accurate to have an accumulated energy counter as the primary data source, and then calculate power for the time interval from that, than going the other way calculating energy accumulation from power samples - for those devices that keep accumulated energy counters internally).

Thanks for head-up.

DAY_ENERGY is more accurate than energy calculated from PAC, but if DAY_ENERGY misses the last few hours then is much less accurate -

Adding the hourly log data push provides 5-minute energy intervals (average power) and also fixes any gaps caused by connection issues -

This issue was fixed in a recent firmware update for Fronius inverters (V28500, for Galvo, Symo, Primo and Eco).

I just noticed this old post but I feel I should correct the record. The DAY_ENERGY issue was fixed in fro28500 version for Symo and Primo but not fixed for Galvo until fro29390.