ENPHASE: Not reporting to PVOutput


My system (https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=13194&sid=47797) is not updating since November 28th. However, data in Enlighten are up-to-date eventhough the Website is warning about ‘display issues for certain data’. Other Enphase systems in my area are reporting on time and completly on PVOutput. My conclusion is that my issue is not related to the ‘display issues for recent data’. Enphase support is not very helpful as usual. What can I do to debug this issue?


Seeing the same here.


glad I am not alone :slight_smile:


Same here on my system. Started having the issue on the same day as well. (My last set of data seems to be around 1pm MT on 11/28/18). I suspect it does have something todo with enphase’s api system, as data started being delayed on enphase at the same time.


PVOutput is still polling data for this system but no data is returned.

So it is related to -

Currently its too early in the day in US/Mountain to confirm the exact results.


It seems the issue is the extended delay in the data being available.

PVOutput only looks at the last 24 hours, if Enphase only makes the data available after this period then it will be missed every day.

There needs to be an enhancement to allow the look back period to be extended to 48hrs, if no data is available in the last 24 hrs.

Will be look at adding this feature over the next few days.


Data is now showing for Dec 3rd, will be monitoring to see if it works at the end of Dec 4th as well.


Yes, I now see 12/3, but PVOutput has not pulled in 11/29-12/2 as it only looks at the last 24 hours. Is there a simple way to manually input those days? I’ve never done that.


Same here, I can see now data for Dec 4th.
Yes, you can upload the missing data by going to ADD OUTPUT (first link when you are logged in). There you can add data for the missing days. There is also a CSV (bulk) LOADER at the bottom. I have to figure out if we can export data from INSIGHT - on first sight I did not find such an option.


Thats great - thanks


Would it be possible to be able to request an auto backload to the last successful load date or force a backload for a particular missing date?
Have received no enphase data from 29/11 to 4/12, although as it has started working again today, it appears to have now back loaded data for 4/12 only.
Unsure of the easiest way of manually uploading missing enphase generation, production CT and consumption CT data to pvoutput.


I was able to upload my data without too much fuss for the missing days by:

  • Logging into MyEnlighten and running the “Recent Production” report. This causes Enphase to email you your 5 minute data for the last week
  • Open up the CSV you get in the email with Excel.
  • Highlight the first column which contains date and time information and change the formatting to 24 hour time. (After selecting the A column right click on any A cell and select Format Cells, Time, 13:30
  • Highlight all the cells for the date you want to import (Your highlight will have 288 rows and 2 columns with the time and production info)
  • Copy these cells to the clipboard
  • In PVOutput, choose “Add Output” and click on Live Loader down at the bottom of the screen by Bulk Loading
  • Enter the correct date in Output Date
  • Make sure time format is HH24:mm
  • Paste your data into the paste data box
  • You may have to delete a trailing blank row
  • Click on verify and if the data looks good, save the data


Thanks for that, I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Currently my enlighten reports are showing no data for 3/12, hopefully it will update the missing day overnight.


This will be considered for a future enhancement. Feel free to start a new ‘idea’ topic so the request can be tracked.


Experiencing Enphase loading issues again. They show on enphase that data came but not the accumulation but only the last sent live interval values. Of course PVOUTPUT does not yet have it since enphase is not showing the accumulation for 12/5 yet and noted on their banner loading issues. Gotta wonder what they are doing the last few weeks and months system wise.


Seems PVOUT is not pulling the data from ENPHASE. ENPHASE seems to have my 12/31 data to 10:30am NY time on its site but PVOUT not showing any for 12/31 at all so a PVOUT API issue? ENPHASE site4 has no messages about data collection issues on their part. One of my systems: https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=7551&sid=6078


I am seeing the same here also. Enphase is up to date, nothing in PVOutput. Seems like others that have Enphase are similar also. I was looking at Team “Enphase Inverters” and a lot have 0 showing also. Weird that a few are reporting though… This is for date 12/31/2018.


Same issue as well. Enphase is getting the data, I can see it on Enlighten but pvoutput isn’t pulling it in as of 12/31/2018


I can now see production in PVOutput. Hopefully fixed for others too. Happy New Year to all!!!


More Enphase “gaps” today. May try SolarBear’s suggestion for manual load after sundown.

Edit: Upon further investigation it’s definitely their end - the “Today’s Power” graph in Enlighten Manager looks OK but the MyEnighten hourly energy view has the same gaps in it.