Enphase Generation and Consumption 24hr delay


Hey guys ive noticed since Saturday 10 November 1:30pm Sydney time that Enphase reporting has been delayed by around 24hrs

Did the initial reboot Envoy and cloud LED is showing normal solid green light. Enlighten is also showing system status as normal?

Havent made any changes to any settings as was all working fine up until it stopped working.

Today I went to check and noticed I could actually see my usage from Sunday but couldn’t view any stats at all for today?

Can anyone else confirm if this is happening to them?

ENPHASE: Not reporting to PVOutput

Seems to be a Enlighten API problem.

PVOutput is retrieving data every 15-minutes but enlightening is reporting empty data for generation and solar





I also have enphase and in Melbourne and confirm that mine is still plotting along fine, but I have heard reports that some users are experiencing problems with accessing data from myenlighten


thanks for the feedback guys

yeah my main concern is the data is also delayed on MyEnlighten app - at least for my Enphase system/ account.

i figured i hadn’t changed anything so PVOutput should still be set correctly even though its not receiving any data from Enphase anymore

just to give some insight ill post up some pics

the PVOutput graph from 10/11 is right when it cut out for me. even though Enlighten still gets updated after 24hrs, my PVOutput graphs don’t sync / update at all


bankstownbloke, did yours stop working around the same time as well?

i had a look at some older posts and looks like you’ve come across this issue before


MyEnlighten app is probably also using the Enlighten API which is reporting empty data. PVOutput uses the same API from Enphase.

Please report the problem to Enphase support.


cheers thanks mate, will do that tomorrow


The same problem in The Netherlands.
Will report to Enphase as well.


Same problem since November 10th. Enphase is working on the problem according to a banner on the Enlighten Manager and My Enlighten monitor pages. It’s not just the API, and it’s NOT your Envoy. Enlighten Manager is getting the data, and will plot real-time power graphs for individual inverters, but nothing for the total system. Zero kW and Zero kWh. Pretty strange, since only about 5% of the Enphase Inverter “team” sites on PVOutput show the problem. (Just sort on “energy” produced today, and look for the zeroes)


I wonder if this is specific to certain locations. I’m in the Western US (California) and I see the banner on Enlighten but I haven’t experienced any delay in data. Everything seems to be working OK for me. Hopefully they fix this for all of you that are experiencing it soon.


Enphase seems to have fixed it over the last few hours and the banner is gone. The PVoutput live loader has also caught up for today via the API. I had to upload the live data manually for Saturday and Sunday.

This problem seemed geographically random… I noticed a couple “Enphase Team” sites Outside the US showing the symptoms. Kinda strange, but they jumped right on it.

Thanks for much improved support, Enphase!!!


wish i could say the same brubakerr but its still not responding on my end.

I’ll give it 48hrs, hopefully the Enphase techs get to the bottom of it


I am having same issue here in Southern California, no production showing for today. Banner message still showing for me saying there is no loss of data and to give it 24-48 hours to show up. Will continue to monitor.


From my place in The Netherlands the problem is solved.
The last 3 days I’ve to upload manually.

Of topic:
Still I’m facing a more then 20 minutes delay. Hopefully they will solve this soon as well.


Issue started for me on Saturday 10 November as well (the Netherlands). Reached out to Enphase yesterday, and got a confirmation this morning that “they are facing a bug issue in enlighten site, working on fixing the problem”. At the time of writing, it has not been resolved for me yet.


That’s strange. Since yesterday it works fine for me. I only have the common 20 minutes delay.


It looks like I’ve spoke too soon. As of today I’m not seeing any data on Enlighten for the day.


I think it’s going up and down. Although the banner on MyEnlighten/EnlightenManager appears to be consistent, today, at least at this moment in time 14:10.
PVOutput is shows 11:55 as the last data.
MyEnlightent is showing 11:45-12:00.
EnlightenManager’s power today is up to date 14:05 but the produced/consumed values are as of 12:00.

Just had another trickle of data so PVOuput data is now up till 12:10, which is now in front (by 10 minutes) of what MyEnlighten/Enlighten Manager is showing (expet for power today).

So I guess that the issue is that data can only trickle out for some reason.


There was a delay BB yesterday and mine never caught up by midnight Wednesday going into Thursday. So my question is and maybe you already added such a feature but for us donators can we simply choose a day and ask that you reload what Enphase has rather than manually updating/adding it? If that is not yet a feature asked for I know some years ago can it be added? Yes there should be a limitation of just a handfull of days allowed say per month at most. For now my 5 minute intervals for 11/14 are incomplete but for the day I temporarily over wrote the production amount on the day view by editing it.
I don’t know why it took enphase to catch up so long and maybe just the volume of data they had to reprocess that the API allows you to see took so long.


It may have been on the old forum, please start a new ‘idea’ thread for it to be considered -