Efficency ladder correction


when does the global efficiency ladder do a recalculate as I had and error which pushed my rating way down but fixed and corrected the data but it has not corrected the global rank on the efficiency ?



Its refreshed once every 24hrs, at around UTC 12:00


Ok I must have something else happening in the background as all my data for past years show about 4.5kWh/kW each year but ladder shows 1.132kWh/kW


Ladder lifetime efficiency is based on the average generation divided by current system size, which won’t be accurate if the system size has increased.

As part of the change below, the average efficiency against each day will be used instead.


Here is my input several months ago regarding efficiency.

As I proposed, if you use the averaged daily efficiency to arrive at a displayed efficiency number, this number would be more representative of that entire system regardless of whether you added/deleted/changed inverters/altered the system. I have taken the daily efficiencies for every year my system has been online and logged these daily numbers, then via excel column, applied the average function. I then place this averaged number in the comments section on a daily basis.
Doing this for each year, I get the efficiency number for each year. Of course, you can do a running daily efficiency average but for me, the excel column becomes too unmanageable- for now.


Efficiency on the ladder is now using the average of each individual daily output instead of average generation divided by current system size.


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Looks good on your system now as well.


Thanks for that implementation. I’ll stop my daily efficiency calculations.


looks great now thanks