Can I add panels to our system and keep past efficiencies the same?


We’re going to add more panels to our system. When I specify that a second array was added in my system settings, will that make all the past efficiency data be incorrect after doing that?

If I decommission the system in my PVOutput settings, will I still be able to add another system without paying for donation mode? And will I still be able to see past data of my decommissioned system?

I could probably try these changes out on my own to get the answers, but I didn’t want to make major changes to my PVOutput system since I don’t want to screw anything up.


The efficiencies are saved using the system size at the time, if the system size changes these values are unaffected.

A decommissioned system is counted as 1 system.

Data is retained for decommissioned systems.


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