Efficiency Ranking

Looks like the efficiency ranking of systems is calculated by dividing the average daily output by the system size. There is a potential problem with this: If a secondary system is added/removed, then the calculation is based on the new size while the average daily output slowly rises/lowers as the output increases/decreases. One way to get around this issue regardless of adding or deleting secondary systems or adding/removing panels would be to calculate the efficiency ranking by averaging the daily efficiencies as the daily efficiency can already be calculated by dividing the daily output by the editable system size. Alternatively, the monthly or yearly efficiencies could be averaged. I do not know all the math involved in creating this but I suspect it would be more complicated. Perhaps this could be a user calculation by enabling export of the daily efficiencies as an excel column and the averaging calculation be applied. The user then can enter this result as a user calculated efficiency and ranking based on this.

I use “efficiency” figure to show “Time Producing”.
Comparing “efficiency” of a 6.84kw system with a 5kw inverter , against a 5kw sytem with a 5kw inverter skews the picture

It’s confusing to use the term efficiency for anything other than a ratio of (energy out) / (energy in).

This idea has been implemented -

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