Zevercloud not uploading


You may need to request for new keys or ask Zevercloud what is wrong with the current ones.


So i received my new API Key and secret today, its been awhile since i first did this so i have attached an image to verify what i need to do .

Also is there anyway to test if its correct ?

Thanks if you can take the time and answer my question


Does this seem right ?

This seems to prove im Authorised to access to the API Right?


Ok all is good got it working .

thought id leave the original post to Jog my memory for future issues…


i just used the examples to match the same size code. but agree its confusing.

Could @bankstownbloke change the wording to match what we get from zeversolar?


Which email did you use to contact them? I’ve heard nothing :frowning:


devon.dai@zeversolar.com was the only one i have gotten a response from