Zevercloud not uploading


You may need to request for new keys or ask Zevercloud what is wrong with the current ones.


So i received my new API Key and secret today, its been awhile since i first did this so i have attached an image to verify what i need to do .

Also is there anyway to test if its correct ?

Thanks if you can take the time and answer my question


Does this seem right ?

This seems to prove im Authorised to access to the API Right?


Ok all is good got it working .

thought id leave the original post to Jog my memory for future issues…


i just used the examples to match the same size code. but agree its confusing.

Could @bankstownbloke change the wording to match what we get from zeversolar?


Which email did you use to contact them? I’ve heard nothing :frowning:


devon.dai@zeversolar.com was the only one i have gotten a response from


Oh no!
I got an unsuccessful delivery to that address :frowning:


probably closed it due to having to deal with so many requests as he was the only one answering them… :open_mouth:


My system stopped getting new data since this morning at approx 8.30. Zevercloud is getting the data just fine, but it doesn’t show up in pvoutput.

Testing the api using the link bankstownbloke provided, the new, most current data does show up. No settings changed on my end.

Anyone with similar symptoms?


yep, exactly the same issue…


Also here no data from the Zevercloud to pvoutput…


Looks like the zevercloud server is down and returning error “Service Unavailable 503”.

Please forward to zevercloud support.


Got the same issue and contacted Zevercloud Support about it. Their response 5 minutes ago:

We’ve received same feedback, and issue fixed already, please check again later.


Mine data is back!! Thanks.


PVOutput emailed me that Yala Rd ZeverSolar station is offline on 16th April. It first went offline at 16/03/2019, and subsequently came back online on 21/03/2019 (with no action on my part),
and shows no history past 16/04/2018.

Here is the current status


I did not investigate the email notifications when I received them, as I didn’t appreciate their significance (thought it was just like the “idle for 60 minutes” that occurred when my internet crashed and would recover, eg on 11th March 2019)

Direct queries to the Zevsolar api like this



return valid looking data - so it appears to be present on the Zevercloud database, but for some reason, PVOutput is not getting it.

Can anyone suggest how to get it working again ?


Just noticed that they’ve added the app key stuff to the security settings!