Zevercloud not uploading



Yesterday at 1200 Qld time my system on pvupdate ceased updating from zevercloud.
Is there an issue?
My end, PVoutput or Zevercloud?
I can access zevercloud via browser and iPhone app.


Try testing the connection by entering the following address into the web browser -


Replace xxxx with your zevercloud api key.


The Zevercloud API page is giving a 404: page not found, with and without a valid API key. So I think we need to find out if the URL has changed or if Zeversolar has stopped providing the API.

I contacted Zeversolar, they recently updated the API and sent me a PDF with details and example implementation in Java. Can I share this with anyone to update PVOutput?


Would be awesome if this could be done


Please provide a link to the updated documentation.


Here you go BB and thanks for doing this .

Hope you can make heads or tales of it.


The new URL as per the documentation is -

Replace xxxxx with your own key. This is returning 401 Unauthorized.

Please contact zevercloud support on what the URL should be or why the key is failing.


Thanks, BB, I have sent off an email will wait for their reply.

Thanks again for your help


I just received this email from zevercloud support

“Dear Sir,
The AppKey and AppSecret were banned as someone used it to attack our server.
Now R&D released the AppKey to you and please note you can apply data 10 times every minute.”

I’m not sure where he is going with this, he has given me a App key and app secret just wasn’t sure if I should post it here.

if you need it BB can you let me know?

I have sent him another email requesting clarification if this means that Zevercloud will not allow third party sites implement the API request for data option.

Again will let you know when I receive the email back.



Send it to pvoutput@gmail.com

The documentation only mentions a key, nothing about an AppKey and AppSecret.

Ask them how the appkey and appsecret is used with the getPlantOutput request below -


Ok, I have sent the info.

Yeah, i have done this, I have asked them if they intend to let third-party sites use the API request and how I can implement the app key and secret using the http://api.general.zevercloud.cn/getPlantOutput?period=bydays&date=2017-12-20&key=xxxxx as outlined in the pdf.


Same problem here, any updates on this case?
Would be nice to close 2017 within PVoutput with all data.

Thanks for the support and merry christmas!


Sadly, No being Xmas I think they must be off. I’m off to Thailand on the 5th for 18 nights so I will monitor my email but will not be able to chase anything up until I get back.


Same probem also,
thanks for the support so far



Im having the same problem , when you email support you will get a private appkey and appsecret for your appliance an the new api manual, looks like there is something changed on security, you have to make requests with your appkey, appsecret to create a signature and then apikey to get output.

Im not a programmer but hopefully someone with pvoutput understands the badly written english manual for the new function.
Hope this gets fixed so we can have full functionality in 2018.

Happy new year


apperently here is all you need to know

i do not have the faintest idea how to implement it but someone will hopefully :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. We have now have a working sample that returns data from zevercloud.

Zevercloud now require three pieces of information -

  • Plant Key - currently used
  • AppKey - new
  • AppSecret - new

The PVOutput Auto Uploader will need to be updated to accept AppKey and AppSecret.

No ETA at the moment - in the meantime, it is best to obtain your AppKey and AppSecret from zevercloud.



Great that I could be of some help, I already received my keys. Waiting patiently to implement them :slight_smile:
Happy new year


Awesome, Thanks, heaps BB hope it won’t takes long to update PVOUTPUT became a Donar of the site.

Hopefully, when I come back from Thailand all will be good.

Best news all year lol


The zevercould app key and app secret is now supported by the Auto Uploader.

The ‘API Key’ has been renamed to ‘Plant Key’