Wrong values on "Saved" column

Hi there,

There is an issue with my “Saved” values.
Most SUM(Min(comsumption, generation)) value are located on my max tariff (peak)
However my total saved ammount are mostly calculated with off-peak value
For example in the last line it should be about 0.24€ instead of 0.12€ on the saved column (1khw * 0.25€ on the peak tariff):

Saved values are calculated every 5-minutes and 19th July is still not finished. Please wait till the 20th.

It happens on all days.
For example 18 July should be (2.410*0.25€=0.60€) instead of 0.36€ (see picture):

On the 18th -

Consumption = 29.099
Peak Import = 7.383
Off Peak Import = 19.306

Saved = Consumption - Total Import
Saved = 29.099 - (7.383 + 19.306)
Saved = 2.41 kWh

Peak weighting = 7.383 / (7.383 + 19.306) = 27.66%
Off Peak weighting = 19.306 / (7.383 + 19.306) = 72.34%

Peak Saved = 27.66% * 2.41kWh * 0.2468€ = 0.1645
Off Peak Saved = 72.34% * 2.41kWh * 0.1072€ = 0.1868

Total Saved = 0.1645 + 0.1868
= 0.3513€

Thank you so much for explaining me the calculations…

Think this was the part i didn’t know… “saved” is calculated based on consumption/time weighting :slight_smile:

If you check on graph attached almost 100% of energy saved was made on peak hours…

This type of weighting does not reflect well the real ammount Saved in some use cases.
In my case, i charge the car at night and, this way, the “Saved” ammount will be always calculated mainly over the Off Peak instead of the real situation (calculated over peak period).
Is there any way of changing this on Settings or something?
The “Saved” is one of more interesting values for me :slight_smile:

Agree that the current method is not entirely accurate since ‘Saved’ should be calculated during production hours - only imported TOU is recorded and not ‘time of generation’ so its currently not possible to determine this without calculating each day individually.

A future setting can be provided to just use either ‘peak’ or another tariff for the saved calculation.

Ok thanks for the help.

Hope that feature will be available soon.

Did this feature ever get added?, or is there another method now used for the saved calculation ?

No changes have been made to the ‘Saved’ calculation.

hi, are any changes to the “saved” calculation on the cards? I’m on TOU and the current method is quite inaccurate for me

Changed topic to an idea to allow a custom tariff rate to be used in “Saved” calculations.

So no hope to get it right in foreseeable future??