Can't understand "saved" figure

I’m trying to understand how the “saved” figure is calculated.

In January I consumed 385kWh, imported 162kWh and exported 635kWh. My export price is 12c, my import tariff (single rate) is 20.16c and my supply charge is 98.67c.

I calculate my cost was -$13, which pvoutput shows as the balance. I calculate my cost without solar would have been $108, giving a saving of $121. However pvoutput shows the saving was only $45.

How is $45 calculated? Is my $121 calculation incorrect, and if not can I get pvoutput to calculate the same figure?


Check generated less export and tariff and multiply by tariff recorded on pv output to get future

Sorry I don’t understand your reply. How is generated relevant?

Looks like a dupe of How is the "Saved" value calculated on the Detailed Daily summary page?

I gather the site is only counting self-consumption as saved, and not also including the value of export.

The amount you use is generated less export.
That saves you the tariff per kwh you have input into pv output