Wrong data from Fronius Symo

Hello all,
I have some strange error with the data from my Fronius Symo inverter.
When I look at the web interface of the inverter is say that I have produced one figure (today 24.234 kWh).
When I look ta Pvoutput it reports that I have produced much more (25.932kWh).
Earlier when i checked this the figures has been the same. I think this difference started for about one month ago but I am not sure when.
Se screenshots from today.

I use Fronius Push-service to send data to PVOutput, I have not changed any settings.

Dos anyone know what the problem are and how I shall do to get i correct again?

i have had that too, its when my inverter shuts down completely and then restarts as i high voltage or very heavy rain for more than 20 min. its as it has started a new day again on the same day, although i see that the total life KW produced on my inverter is correct—so i just fix up manually the total on pvorg ,it has happened about 6=7 times in a year,also a inverter software update will do the same when it restarted the inverter

Energy values are now calculated by default due to Fronius firmware issues.

The inverter’s reported energy can be used by adding &dayenergy=1 to the push config.

How do I do to fix/change the push config?

After I did this report it looked like the result was correct but today when I checked it was a big difference again.

See the above post, add &dayenergy=1 to the inverter push config.