Weather Underground API GONE?


Also lost temperature. Last entry was at 7:15am (UTC+10) on 25/5/2018

Hope to see a new reliable source in the future


Changing back to Eagle POST did not restore the temp reporting that I had running from 5AM this morning. Now I am back to temp data only being uploaded in 1 hour batches with 1 hour lags. It was not doing this this morning before I changed back to Eagle Uploader. Somehow that messes up things or it takes a full day for PVO to sort out the account changes.


LOL, OK, seems my problem was a little more simple… The PWS I was using (closest to my house) had gone! I now recall the house selling recently so I guess the PWS has relocated! :slight_smile: As soon as I located another PSW and put it into my PVOutput Settings I’m getting WU temp data again.


Just noticed the same here. Local PWS I’ve been using is also gone. We should expect more of this as some PWS users are rightfully pissed at WU over the changes and are pulling their stations.


I’m going to just wait it out with whatever BB comes up with for PVO weather reporting. I have the WU API key and it still works. Just don’t have 24 hour reporting anymore and a time lag now. Obviously the power output is most concern but I do like solar radiation report because it correlates directly with power output

If I really want to see the effects of temperature on power output all I have to do is pull up the Webbox interface and look at the DC output voltages. With the temp derating on the panels, you can really see how far the outside temperature drags down the string voltages and thus the power output.


I am still getting temperature reading every five minutes from WU, though they are 20 minutes behind. I can’t recall exactly how long, but they have always been somewhat behind.
Another thing I have noticed, is that the WU service seems to have been degraded, it appears to take a lot longer to load their pages, especially the graphs on my PWS page.


there are a lot of scripts loaded from WU pages nowadays, which definitely slows things down. NoScript can help but isolating the scripts that are necessary for proper functioning isn’t fun.

i think i posted this solution in another thread… my weather had stopped updating sometime in mid june 18 (which happened to be almost co-incident with WattVision dying as well). i switched to the Weather auto-uploader as directed by bankstownbloke but that didn’t fix the problem. it turned out that for whatever reason my API key had been invalidated by WU. regenerating the key @ WU fixed the problem. no idea why the key became invalid, and was a little worried about regeneration possibly disabling my (free) API account, but it worked.


I lost my WU temperature feed on July 9 at 6:20 pm. Hoping to find an alternative soon, as this is a very useful feature.


Quick note: my temps are still reporting from WU.


As its no longer possible to get a new WU api key, i’m wondering if there are any plans to switch to or provide an alternative solution within PVoutput?

Maybe using Dark Sky api perhaps?


by the way, it appears that the API is really going away for good. i recently added a wunderground homebridge plugin and this morning noticed it was throwing erorrs. googled a bit and found this post (from 3 months ago, so i guess from sept-oct).

so i guess the API is really going away for good, rather than being frozen as outlined in the OP.

so what is the situation for PVO going forward?


Is an alternative?


Anyone found an alternative to WU?
Was a good feature seeing daily temp line on graphs. looks like a good alternative?



I have been using to upload temperature data. I modified the script to only PUSH through the temperature data - I don’t need the Fronius inverter data pushed twice.

Caveat - The script is designed to PULL temperature data from a specified BoM ( Bureau of Meteorology ) weather site - so it’s only useful for people living in Aus. If the NWS or other national weather agencies provide observation data as JSON it can probably be adapted for that country.


In addition to the other suggestions for weather data sources, for those in the USA, the National Weather Service actually provides a nice API, with no key required, for fairly detailed data updated hourly in XML format.

This is what I use:[StationID].xml

So for example, weather reports from Chicago Midway Airport can be obtained from:


Hey grannos, I’m very new to all this but would love to add BOM data to my system, could you possibly let me know the settings I need to enter?


Hi Robbo19800.

You will need to obtain the PHP script from. You will need your PVOutput API key and to select your most suitable BOM site - make sure that your nearest site includes temperature - my nearest site only include tidal / maritime information. I chose Jandakot W.A.

The fronius.php file and the config.php file [ the one you create with above info ] will need to be placed on a computer that will be able to execute them periodically - I have access to a Linux host which happens to function as a webserver and runs 24 x 4. You could use a RasberryPI or an older Windows PC / laptop so long as it can support PHP.

I also modified the original fronius.php file to change the ‘user-agent’ string from the PHP default.

The script needs to be scheduled to run periodically. On Linux this is easily achieved using cron. It can be readily scheduled on Windows and OS X as well.

The GitHub page gives a quite reasonable explanation of what is required. N.B. you don’t need to use any of the Fronius specific stuff in the script IF your Fronius inverter is already configured to PUSH data directly. Of course if you do not have a Fronius inverter you can ignore it too.


My WU went funny a few days ago and stopped reporting for a day but its back up now

Would be nice to have an easy replacment built into pvoutput


Hello B-Man,

Mine temperature and weather stopped working and is still not working.

Be good when a stable alternative is found.



Hello Grannos,

I have done some mods to the script to make it work without the Fronius stuff by setting the dataManagerIP to “” and adding some additional conditional if’s as I don’t need the Fronius stuff. I am having trouble with the retrieve of the BOM json. What did you do to that part of the script?

How did you change the’user-agent’ string? Can you post your version of the code or the code fragment where the user-agent’ string.