Weather Underground API GONE?


Hi guys,

Logging into Weather Underground to get an API key and I get this message:

Get access to the world’s most accurate, precise and trusted weather data
Weather Underground as part of The Weather Company, an IBM business, now offers a series of Data Packages that tap into the breadth and depth of weather data to provide current and forecast conditions, seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts, lifestyle indices, severe weather and historical weather data.

With The Weather Company, you can take advantage of these packages quickly and easily, accessing weather data APIs via the Cloud. The packages are curated to give you only what you need in the format you need it. You can Incorporate weather data into your applications or combine business data with weather data such as alerts and notifications, forecast data, and weather imagery, then apply advanced analytics to build the foundation for informed enterprise decision-making.

To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.

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Any ideas what I can do now to add weather data to PVOutput?


PVOutput Weather Service

I’m wondering if could move/partner with a service like as they provide a free tier with API for people just like us.



I don’t know the answer to your question but my temperature stopped reporting as of yesterday I thought it was part of my systems (Solaredge) reporting, but maybe it’s from the weather underground app?

Would be nice to know what happened.


Lost weather data too. Sad - this really was a nice feature. If it goes back online can someone let up know how to fill in the missing data?


I am still getting temperature data through an API I wrote as of right now…but listening to the conversation it may just be a matter of time before i too lose it.


Also hoping we could make the move to

Temp doesn’t work for me, can’t get an API from wunderground…


The PVOutput does allow temperature to be sent directly via the API

e.g. Add 37.5C to 2018-05-25 at 10:00am

It may be possible to re-program Wunderground personal weather stations to send the above request to PVOutput as well.

Alternatively - PVOutput Weather Service


My temp is still being sent to PVOutput via my Wunderground API.
Have others using this service had their reporting stopped, or are Wunderground
Their spiel stated: [quote=“shanelord, post:1, topic:576”]
we will no longer provide free weather API keys
Maybe that means those keys in place will continue? Mine is still reporting from my weather station.


Apparently correct…mine is still working.


My temps are still being sent from Wunderground


Temperature updates are still working for me as well.



Ever since I changed to Eagle POST upload, I have not had consistent temperature data from my weather station export. I get an hours worth of data and then nothing for several hours.

Could the change in the Uploaded and the Save configuration have changed something in the way the PVO pulls my weather station data?

When I briefly changed the Secondary device to Eagle and got good data uploads, the temperature data was still consistent as usual.


OK, I see a correlation now. I used to get 24 hours of continuous temp data recorded from my weather station up to yesterday when I changed my consumption data upload away from Wattvision to Eagle or Eagle POST.

Now I only have reported temp data when my solar generation is active. The last power report from last night was the last temp reported. The first temp reported today coincides with my first power report this morning.

So what changed? Why is the temp data tied to solar generation now when it was independent up until I changed Uploader?


I noticed the exact same change (no temp data unless power data is being fed in), but I thought it was because I switched to using inverter temp data versus the WU API feed. Maybe not reading these posts.


I wonder if my Save configuration triggered an upset in the WU API since that is going away it seems. The posts say that if you hadn’t received an WU API key in the past that you can’t get any new ones now.

It looks like the handwriting is on the wall for disappearance of WU exported data to PVO. I will put my vote in for PVO to support its own weather service.


Did WU work in PVO without a key? I always thought you needed one, so I requested one a while back. If you requested an API key from WU previously, you can still retrieve it below and see if re-enentering it works.


For now, it appears WU has confirmed free keys will continue to work, but I expect those with keys will be SOL in the near future since IBM has taken over both WU, and their business, IBM isn’t in the charity business.

The drill with most companies offering anything “free” (PVO is pleasant exception to this) …1) Expand your user base with a free carrot, 2) Let people rely and depend on your service, 3) shop your business around to find a buyer, 4) then slam the door shut on new users, and 5) monetize and/or kick off the “freeloaders” (new owner view) that got you there. Typical crap we shouldn’t put up with.

It appears we are at Step 4 with WU… I agree with @kemyers95963 in that it’s probably only a matter of time before it is all pulled, existing user or not.

This is why whenever possible, everything needs to be 100% self-maintained, local and open source with zero reliance on a company playing gatekeeper and data arbitrator with our future - Most companies like to dangle a carrot using bait and hook .

This just motivates me to create my own weather station on Arduino and have that push the data. Done.

WU Posted here on the API changes:

From the WU API post:

  • _"…“Weather Underground as part of The Weather Company, an IBM business…”

They go on to state…

  • “To improve our services and enhance the relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.”

Yeah, Riiight… These changes couldn’t possibly have anything to do with WU trying to turn a profit (not opposed to that in and of itself) due to the costs associated with the IBM acquisition, now could it? … LOL.


I don’t ever remember trying to use WU without its API key. I always had one since I put in my weather station. My uploads to WU are still fine along with the the uploads from my air sensor.

I haven’t tried re-inputting my API key since it is still present in configuration and is working during daylight hours.

The data is just slow to arrive now. Only gets updated every hour it looks like. And no data when I am not producing power.

What I wonder is whether my brief shift to the Eagle Uploader and 1 hour History reporting somehow affected the weather API updating.


The Auto Uploader Temperature is only downloaded when there is power data present.

This was working 24hrs before because it was part of the Eagle consumption download. When the weather data is added to a solar download it will only be present when power is downloaded.

This issue is unrelated to Wunderground decommissioning the free API.

There will be a change to the Auto Uploader enable 24hr temperature download with the solar direction.

Anyone else lose 24 hour reporting of temp data?

But I never had Wattvision nor Eagle Uploader set as Solar direction. I always had them set for NET. I always had 24 hour temp data when set for NET.

Are you saying the only way to get 24 hour temp data is with direction set as Consumption?