Tariff - Whatifs


Hello ,

Firstly - new here ( and new to my solar panels ) and loving pvoutput - so thanks !

I am trying to compare the energy plans against my real usage/generation.

At the moment I’m entering the tariff details - then going back to my graphs and seeing how
that effects cost etc. And doing that for the different plans I want to compare. is working - but a
little clunky as I go back and forth…

Is there a way enter “whatif” tariff information then how that compares to my actual plan ?



Sorry after more playing about - I see that plans can be saved then loaded - this will help me…

Rule #1 - rtfm



The multiple tariff plan is recent change - Tariff Plans - Multiple TOU


i made a spreadsheet in excel that compares all the electricity plans in my state ‘SA’ but i do know there are some websites that actually do it for you aswell