Tariff Feeds

It is now possible to provide 5-minute tariff data for either import (debit) / export (credit) using an Extended Data parameter.

On the Edit Tariff screen the option to assign an Extended Data as a tariff feed is now available, either credit or debit.


The feed values should be in cents and positive. A negative rate will reverse the result.


  • Positive Debit Feed → Import * +Debit Rate = Debited
  • Negative Debit Feed → Import * -Debit Rate = Credited


  • Positive Credit Feed → Export * +Credit Rate = Credited
  • Negative Credit Feed → Export * -Credit Rate = Debited

The same feed can be used for both import and export, however it is best to use two separate feeds for clarity.

Gross / Net feeds

Using a ‘Gross’ model will multiply rates by the consumption/generation against the feed instead of import/export.

Mixing and matching the feed is possible. e.g.

  1. Import (Net) Tariff Feed rates
  2. Export (Gross) TOU rates

Feeds are also supported via tariff plans so they can be specifically enabled for a date range for example.

The system live page balance hover tooltip shows the assigned tariff feed, and the average feed rate per TOU period.

This is a great addition - thank you!

There are quite a few working parts to getting this set up, I have now figured out some but I’m just bumbling around - is there a step by step guide somewhere that shows how to configure this properly?

It’s been a long time since I originally set up my system and I haven’t had to do this all manually like this.

Unfortunately there isn’t. The steps are roughly -

  1. Setup an Extended Parameter (v7-v12)
  2. Upload the 5-minute tariff data to it (in cents)
  3. Assign this parameter as the “Tariff Feed”

The net export / import will now be calculated every 5-minutes using the parameter data feed.