Spot rate tariff API

A bunch of new electricity retailers in AUS are going to spot rate billing. Being able to import spot rates into the data feed with consumption would give excellent stats on actual results and costs.

I would think you use your standard tariff config, unless you populate a tariff on the API, which overrides any tariff config you have for the system.

effectively using some of the extended data to override the default tariff.

I am going to play with the API in the meantime and get the tariff loaded so the PVO team can see what the data looks like, then its “just” logic.

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While an API maybe provided to update tariffs, any updates more frequent than 24hrs would not be practical, e.g. hourly as there is no guarantee that the tariff update is processed at exactly the start of the hour before status updates are sent.

Tariff on the east coast of Australia updates every 5 mins, and averaged over a 30 min period. It would be expected that the timeliness and accuracy of the tariff data is the up-loaders responsibility.

If this was going to be a thing, I would say import and export price would have to be an attribute of a status upload.

Vic has ToU feed in now, which may become compulsory. And then those are different import tariff times. Then there is the spot price crowd. So complicated. My oly thought was to push that level of complexity back to the uploading user.

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At least in Sweden, hourly spot prices are set the day before, which means that a frequency of 24 hours would be perfectly sufficient.

I’m just joining Amber Energy who charge spot prices - I agree - it would be great to have this feature in PVOutput.