SMA Wifi Inverters

I currently have an older SMA Inverter with Bluetooth which I use to upload my data to PVOutput. I will soon be getting a new system (insurance replacement for hail damage). The new inverter has WIFI and not Bluetooth. Is there an easy way to get the data from the inverter to upload to PVoutput. I don’t know the model just yet as I’m still waiting on the quote but the guy that did the inspection said it would be SMA. Or should I ask for another inverter say a Fronis?


I have a fronius and can upload my data using a php script on a pi or the fronius post in the settings. It is noisier though.

What were you using before? In case of SBFspot you still can use it with only a config change

I’m probably looking at exactly the same problem. I just had a SMA inverter fail, (1 of 2) and the replacement likely will be a newer model that will be wifi only. I have been using the SMA Webbox Push service since the installation which is Bluetooth based. No issues with that with Flawless.

I fear I will lose the generation output of the replacement inverter because I don’t know of any simple solution that will allow the continued use of the Webbox with the larger inverter and whatever means will be available for the replacement inverter.

Anybody have any ideas or solution for the scenario I decribed?