Sunny portal - SMA

Inlaws replaced a broken inverter with an sma.
How crap is their monitoring…
Are you able to view the voltage etc in sunny portal or not. I cant find anything.
Can you increase update frequency its basically an hr behind.
Mine a fronius and can view everything.

Also whats the easiest way to get the data to pvoutput? Theres no similar fronius push service?

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Unless you have the older SMA Webbox interface, then there isn’t any PVO Autouploader for SMA.
There is the SBFSpot application for SMA though.

I have the Webbox and it works great. Always has with

I have used (Oxley Solar Pro ) an Android app for several years. It connects via Bluetooth to the inverter.
I use a cheap Lenovo tablet. But should use something a bit more reliable that the Lenovo.

I understand that the latest SMA inverters no longer use Bluetooth. They use a hardline Ethernet connection or the Modbus interface.

Ethernet connection to the Sunny Boy gives direct access to configuration and monitoring.
Use SBFSpot to upload to PVOutput.

My 2019 SMA inverter has 2.4Ghz wifi. You can login via local IP address and see all the settings/values. But I don’t have an easy way to auto upload to PVO…

Use SBFspot running on a Raspberry Pi. It does take some technical fluency to setup. Otherwise there are two SMA hosted sure you can monitor from with auto upload, and also Each site, both run by SMA, had period and cons. Also they have a basic mobile app. All of that works without any third party stuff so long as the inverter is connected to the internet.

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Glad, I went with Fronius, it’s so easy to use, manage and hook up to PVO. I was going to go with SMA at first, but then when decide to put 9kW instead of 6.6kW system found out that I needed 2 SMA inverters vs only 1 if I went with Fronius and the cost difference was around 2k AUD. So the cost and number of inverters were the main drivers in the first place. Now I find that Fronius has got better integration and is very easy to use/manage. And it’s performing great too. No doubt SMA will catch up one day, but for now, well done Fronius!

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It has wifi and ethernet no bluetooth that I know of.
If it was an easy solution to get to pvoutput I’d do it but setting up a pi is another device to deal with if something goes wrong. Ie. more hassles for me.
They were basically down an inverter for 3-5 months and only found out when the power bill showed no power. So would had to have stopped in the previous qtr.
I have it setup on sunny portal but its definately no pvoutput.

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