SMA Webbox Generation Totals don't match


I setup a sub system using my SMA Webbox - which I had not touched in years. I was able to setup the FTP upload and all seemed to work smoothly. But I have noticed the numbers are not even close.

Generation Totals last 5 days:

My solar monitor website reports data from the last 5 days(same time period):


Why the discrepancy? Did I miss something in my setup?


Still digging here. Maybe I found something.

I have two SMA inverters. The total reported to PVOutput for today was 21.819. When I log into the Sunny Webbox - I can see my two inverters. One of them reports total production for today at 21.811 - which is nearly identical.

The 2nd inverter reports 26.418 - that makes up for the missing data difference.

Could it be that even though both inverters report to the Sunnyportal - only one is having the data uploaded to PVOutput? Or maybe I need to make some edits to account for the 2nd inverter?


You would need to know what the Power Key the power box is using to represent the sum of both inverters. It will usually auto-detect most of the time but won’t work if it is not something standard.


The key usually ends with :Pac or :GridMs.TotW and can be identified by looking at the XML file uploaded by the webbox.

e.g. The key below is WebBox:123456789:GridMs.TotW



Thank you for the info. I am not sure which key I should be using. I don’t have anything with GridMs.TotW. I do have some items with :pac

But I have two of them - one for each inverter.

Both seem to report the numbers for each inverter. So putting one of them in as the key did not solve the issue.

Is there a way to use two keys and add them together?

Here is a copy of one of my XML files.
Webbox XML File

Maybe you can make sense of that file?


Enter the key as WR5KU009:2002268516:Pac+WR5KU009:2002268433:Pac


Yes - that did it! It is cloudy and raining here today - so it took me a while to verify I was getting numbers from both inverters.

Thank you so much! Everything seems to be working.