SBFSpot and missing date (Raspberry Pi)


I had some network issue over the weekend which meant my SMA inverter didn’t get an IP address. As a result I’m missing data for June 16th

On the rare occasion this happened in the past I was able to extract the data for upload to PVOutput using a command such as:
SBFSpot -v -nocsv -finq -startdate:20190616

That was when I was running on Windows. A few months ago I migrated to a Raspberry Pi and I don’t know how to run that command on the Pi.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, including the details on which directory I need to be in?



This should do the job:

/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv -startdate:20190616

Upload to PVO will start a few seconds later

Help with manual upload

@SBF Thanks very much. that did the trick. You rock!

I had actually tried navigating to /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/ then running
SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv -startdate:20190616
but was getting a “command not found” error


In Linux, when you are in the directory use


Further to #SBF’s comment above unlike in Windows, the current working directory in Linux, BSD, OS X etc is not automatically part of the search path. This is a good security practice and it hopefully makes it more difficult for a user to get tricked into running some sneaky executable ( binary ) that doesn’t belong.