Request: SMA Datamanager EDMM-10 Auto Uploader via FTP Push (Multiple Inverter)


can I please request to add a SMA EDMM-10 Auto Uploader via FTP Push for multiple inverter be added to PVOutput. (Similar to existing SMA Webbox Auto Uploader)

City of Greater Geraldton Council declared a Climate Emergency and we want to share our solar data with the public.
We would like to use PVoutput to show solar data for all (currently 8) systems with 16 inverters owned by the City of Greater Geraldton. Most are SMA systems, then Fronius.

I have configured one System SID 84102 to auto upload data via FTP Push to this system in
Data is currently uploaded from SMA EDMM-10 as zipped XML.
The system has 3 inverters: 2 x STP50-40 & 1 x STP20000TL-30 and a SMA Energy Meter
Each XML file has 300sec data for these 4 devices in a single file.
The XML Key for each device is: “::”
Default Device name is: “SN:”The XML Key Prefixes (Name:Number) in the XMLs for the 4 devices are:
SMA Energy Meter: “SMA Energy Meter 1901418812:1901418812”
STP 20000TL-30: “SN: 1901320639:1901320639”
STP50-40 #1: “SN: 3003798390:3003798390”
STP50-40 #2: “SN: 3003798394:3003798394”

I am unsure how Pvoutput handles systems with multiple inverters. I think it’s one inverter = one system and then use child parent relationship to combine data. But the datamanager will only upload all system data for all inverters combined to one FTP account. I propose to simply combine the inverter data for the whole system.

We don’t want to use SBFspot as a converter in between as it would get too complicated also CyberSec reasons.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Ralf Ritzinger
Senior Systems Analyst

City of Greater Geraldton
PO Box 101 Geraldton WA 6531
t (08) 9956 6942 | f (08) 9956 6674 | e |

Link to System “CGG Geraldton - Aquarena”

Multiple power keys may be added using ‘+’ in the Power Key field of the PVOutput Webbox configuration.


SMA Energy Meter 1901418812:1901418812+SN: 1901320639:1901320639+SN: 3003798390:3003798390+SN: 3003798394:3003798394

Power keys tend to have a ‘Watt’ suffix



There should also be a key that captures the total of all inverters, this should be used instead.

Thanks for the help. Much Appreciated.

I tried Power Key “::Measurement.GridMs.TotW” as per XML
which has the correct total Watt value (sum of all 3 inverters)
PvOutput - PowerKey XML
But its not working.
Maybe the double colons “::” at the start of the Key cause issues.

I also noticed in this post SMA Webbox Generation Totals don’t match
that my XML only has a Mean, but no Min and Max values.

I also renamed my inverters and removed blanks and used this Power Key
but also no luck.

Here is an XML

Directory structure is
96 zip files per day covering 15 min
zip has 3 files covering 5 min each one is e.g. 105000.xml as per above link

Any suggestions appreciated.

@ bankstownbloke

It seems the webbox is uploading to folder structure /XML/2021/06/20210604/

This isn’t supported, please configure the webbox to upload to the top/home folder. i.e. /

Thanks again @bankstownbloke - that is the root cause.
I used filezilla to move some zips and this works as a manual workaround.

We don’t have a webbox, but a SMA Datamanager M (EDMM-10) which is the SMA solution for all larger installs. Only if you have a SMA Datamanager M you can connect to their new EnnexOS (Energy Next Generation OS) sunnyportal cloud platform. Up to 50 inverters / 2.5 MW and >50 you can stack Datamangers in master-slave mode.

I cant change the folder structure the SMA Datamanager pushes. I can only move the whole tree to a different location. I tried to set the FTP Push server path from blank to / and also to ../../../.. but that’s not working.
Any ideas?

Here are the ftp parameters in the SMA Datmanager:

On a side note the Info XML setting for UtcOffset at the top of each XML is not used.
<Info> <Created>2021-06-04T06:01:24</Created> <Culture>en</Culture> <UtcOffset>+08:00</UtcOffset> <DST>False</DST> <FW-Version>1.12.7.R</FW-Version> </Info>

The XML file is now in the correct location and being read. However the Mean value of the power key ::Measurement.GridMs.TotW is always 0W which will never record any data.

This still does not work.
XML files still are in folder structure /XML/2021/06/20210604/
and i cannot control/change this.
I used filezilla to re-upload some manually to test, but obviously I cannot do that every hour.

Manually re-upload to root folder works (sporadically).
the Mean value of the power key ::Measurement.GridMs.TotW is not always 0


Can you please confirm that the FTP Push server path is being set to “/” now?

The SMA datamanager is still creating the date path /XML/yyyy/mm/yyyymmdd and uploading the zip file there.

This would seem to be an issue with the SMA uploading client, as a “/” configuration should not be creating subfolders on the server.

The PVOutput FTP server would need to be enhanced to accept the dynamic directory structure being created by SMA.

PVOutput FTP should now handle files being placed in the above folder structure.

Will review tomorrow to see if any data is received and processed.

Thanks - much appreciated. :smiley: :+1:
Had not replied yet I was just trying some FTP push server path settings like / or “/” or ~/
but no luck - have to wait an hour in between as push only hourly.

Manually re-uploaded full day 10/6/2021 to /XML/2021/06/20210610 and 6 of 36 zips got imported. (= 24 5-minute data points )

So its basically working. Lets see what happens tomorrow with proper automatic hourly uploads.


This is the next issue, this was received at 11:00AM AEST, the timestamp appears to be in UTC not +8 as indicated at the top.


The above would have been rejected with 4757.71W output at 23:50PM Perth time is an invalid reading.


Try changing the PVOutput system Timezone setting to from Australia/Perth to UTC. This will adjust timestamp in the XML accordingly.

On second thought, using the UTC timezone won’t work. Best to change it back to Australia/Perth and we will implement a workaround to handle the UTC timestamps for EDMM device uploads.

ok - I have set it back. thanks

Seems to work now. Only thing is that its off by 1 hour. The 2pm WA Time value shows as 1pm.

Those times were still in UTC before the workaround was implemented.

It now correct since 5:05PM Perth time.

Thanks. Your hard work is much appreciated.
Have a great weekend.
:grinning: :+1: :clap: