PVOutput.org complication for Apple Watch

Hi Everyone,

I have created an Apple Watch app that provides a PVOutput.org complication for watch faces.

The complication shows the day’s energy generation and most recent power generation, either as W or as a percentage of system capacity, depending on the complication you use.

Complications only get updated 4 times per hour, so the figure shown in the complication can be up to 15 minutes or so behind the most recent update. Tapping the complication will give you the most recent update to your system and also refresh the complication.

It is a stand-alone watch app, so you will need watchOS 6.0.

The app is available on the App Store


Which is it?
Complication: a condition, event, etc, that is complex or confused. the act or process of complicating. a situation, event, or condition that complicates or frustrates her coming was a serious complication . a disease or disorder arising as a consequence of another disease.
Compilation: a thing, especially a book, record, or broadcast program, that is put together by assembling previously separate items.

He is right, it is a horological term.

And, I’m a huge fan of iOS and Apple Watch development for PVOutput. I’ve bought the complication, thanks for sharing your hard work.

I’d love to see a new app also as I believe the original PVOutput app is no longer being developed.

Thanks again!


Tx for the good work!

Hi Again,
I am enjoying your complication app.

I am wondering if you can also add at least the two very important fields: Exported and Consumption. It will add very useful information in addition to the current Generation fields.

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Thanks for this. Downloaded and it is working very good. Nice to be able to get at a quick glance on Apple Watch the production of my system.

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone.

Version 1.1 is now available.

This new version addresses some issues with formatting of the units and adds screens for consumption and export if your system supplies that data.

Thank you for this, another gadget on my watch. :joy:

Enjoying the app… Not auto updating although can referesh

2 things
Could we added Imported from Grid.
And fix export be export not a sum of Gen -Consumed
Example today so far:
Gen 21.295kWh PV Watch matches
Consumed 13.767kWh PV Watch matches
Exported 12.500kWh PV Watch 7.528kw … which is 21.295-13.767
Imported 4.972kWh


Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure why you aren’t getting updates - I have been using the app myself for about 3 months and never had a problem - Note that due to Apple limitations, complications are only updated a maximum for 4 times per hour, so you will often see old data on the watch face, but if you tap it, it should refresh in the app and on the complication.

Unfortunately, PVOutput doesn’t expose the “imported” figure via the API that the app uses. I think that they calculate the “imported” figure shown on the charts by summing the difference between generated and consumed on each 5 minute interval. The API that I currently use just gives the day’s cumulative values; so it shows whether you have a net import or net export for the day.

I will look at enhancing that, but it is trickier than you might think.

Thanks for the reply
Yes not played with what I can get from Pv output I had a quick play to what I can get from Enphase when I setup.

Updates if I click on it and open it will refresh while open
On the complications it does not unless I open the app.
I have background app refresh on just your app

1.3 will be available very shortly. It fixes a slightly embarrassing cut-and-paste error where generation was labelled as consumption.


Working great. Thanks.
A couple of questions:
Is it possible to please make the complication work for the InfoGraph watch face? The PVWatch complication doesn’t show up for this watchface - I’m not sure why the InfoGraph face is different to the others.

Also, is it possble to please add the extended data fields - in particular, so that the battery status could be monitored?

I am looking at the extended data fields, they were requested by another user too.

PVWatch is supported in all complication locations on the infograph face. I switch between the analogue and digital infograph watch faces and use PVWatch on both of them, so I am not sure why you can’t see the complication.

Can you share a screenshot of the face in question, just so I can be sure that we are talking about the same thing.

Version 1.4 is now available. This fixes an issue with font sizes on watchOS 6.1

Either myself or the watch had a reboot overnight, and PVWatch is now available as a complication. Sorry about that. Good news regarding extended data.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here but PV Watch isn’t appearing in Watch App as a Complication or anything else at the moment. Definitely downloaded and paid for it though. Apple Watch 3 on Watch OS 6.1. Any clues?

Update - OK apologies, I had never downloaded a WatchOS only App before direct to my watch so this was a new one on me. Once I downloaded direct from watch App Store to watch and configured all good.

With the new Ver 1.5 and latest Watch OS 6.1.1 after typing the System number and the system key the enter button on the bottom right doesn’t turn green. I t was working fine in previous versions.
PLease can you check this problem.

Version 1.6 was released two days ago, it works with watchOS 6.1.1

Well done, thanks for this. Is there a way to display the daily COST data on the Apple Watch with this app? Cheers