PVOutput.org complication for Apple Watch

WatchOS 7 will allow a watch app to expose multiple complications. I am adding a consumption complication to the next version.

I think this is a great opportunity to add the extended fields that people have asked for.

My system doesn’t have extended data. I have created a fake testing system, but I would prefer to test with real data.

Is anyone willing to share their system id and read only key with me via private message for testing purposes?

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Hi! I just came across the app and purchased it right off.

FYI - I’m on the WatchOS7 and am currently getting “Updated Never” when opening the app. Occasionally, (maybe 1/10 times) when I open the app the data is successfully pulled, but otherwise its not really working at all. Additionally, it looks like apple has removed the Force Touch gesture from WatchOS, so the settings menu is not available after initial setup.

Totally understand that the current version likely isn’t compatible with the beta OS, just wanted to let you know what current bugs I’m seeing so you might fix for release in the fall. Keep up the good work!

It works for me in the latest beta of WatchOS 7.


The force-touch to access menu items has been removed in watchOS7. I am working on a new release that works better with OS7. I’ll let you know when it is ready, hopefully in the next few days

If you would like to test the new version, particularly if you have watchOS7, here is a link:

Version 1.7 with full support for watchOS7 and a new consumption complication is now available on the App Store

Thanks Paulw11,
I purchased and installed the latest version on a new apple watch SE last night. Installation and setup worked well as expected.

I would like to +1 on the feature request for daily cost data from rick044. (I find this a more useful metric for my system than a consumption figure). I am not sure what information is contained within the API, but it seems it could be calculated within an app with knowledge of import, export and consumption (multiplied by their tariffs) plus the daily access charge. The inclusion of a similar arrow indicating either positive or negative financial position for the day such as displayed on the live production page would be fantastic.

Likely too much to ask, as I have no knowledge of app design, however, thought it worth mentioning regardless.


Hi Paul,
I got the new Apple Watch. Two days after restoring it from backup the PV Watch app disappeared from my watch. I cannot find it on watch app on iPhone but when I go to the App Store it said “Purchased” on the buy button. So I cannot delete it or reinstall it.
Please can you tell me what to do.

It was solved by Paul pointing to me that the PV-Watch App is Watch only App and to re-download it I needed to go to App Store on the Apple Watch.

Hi Paul,
I replaced my Apple Watch with the new V7.
When trying to insert the API key on the watch, the App it is stuck and the red x is not accepting the key.
I tried putting the key 3 times, two using the iPhone keyboard and ones on the Apple Watch.
Please, can you check why it is happening.