PVOUTPUT Does Not Match What Enphase Has

So I noticed some days there is a 3 wrong 5 minute interval recordings showing a dip in power on PVOUTPUT live as auto loaded from ENPHASE for my system yet Enphase does noth ave that information recorded but had what I show below in detail. So today sunday 2/17 at 7:45am to 7:55am I noticed this for those times from my system live observation: IMANsNYPower4MyVOLTmaxInverter 8.100kW
Here is a picture of the live values from PVOUTPUT site for that time period. I also included 1 recording before and after to show the normal values recorded ok before and after the problem area.

My ENPHASE data compare to PVOUTPUT recorded values.
7:40 2.54W while PVOUTPUT shows 2.543W correctly
7:45 2.92W while PVOUTPUT shows 1.769W incorrectly
7:50 3.24W while PVOUTPUT shows 0.000W incorrectly
7:55 3.50W while PVOUTPUT shows 1.323W incorrectly
8:00 3.74W while PVOUTPUT shows 3.744W correctly

Note ENphase web only shows me to 2 decimals.
So why is PVOUTPUT wrong for 7:45 to 7:55?
An no there are no clouds out and as noted above Nor did Enphase record what PVOUTPUT is showing for thase 3 x 5 minute interval.
As I stated I saw this several times in the past already but did not bother do a detail compare to what ENPHASE has. BTW I am writing this and comparing as of 12:30pm on the same day NY Time.

Possibly related to the below. If Enphase is updating the data after 24hrs then PVOutput will not pick it up.

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I get this most days now, with usually between 1 and 3 intervals of 0W reported (note, not a lack of a report as the other data is correct) but this “magically” fixes itself overnight (I am in the UK).

I doubt it was late as let alone 24hrs as I stated I was watching it real time on my enphase site that I privately sign into NOT the public one. Regarding correcting itslef, it indeed seemes to have corrected some of its own data but the problem for me is all times were corrected by PVOUTPUT but the 7:50 time value is still wrong though it did change from 0 to 1,620W which still should be 3.24kW. And that value I said enphase had was there when I wrote this post and seems more like PVOUTPUT has a bug not collecting and storing it right unless someone thinks that what I see live in enphase live is not what is sent to PVOUPUT in their READ/API which seems highely unlikely. And what I see on my ENPHASE live account that I saw Sunday I still I see there right now again on monday night. There is no dip from 7:45 to 8am. My theory stands a PVOUTPUT bug when getting the values and storing them having issues.

PVOutput only displays what is provided by the Enphase API.

How Enphase sources the data on Enlighten may be different and not going through the standard API which external parties such as PVOutput need to use.

When Enphase corrects the data then PVOutput will display the correct value as per below.

Being an IT guy myself its hard to believe that Enphase is storing 2 sets of values they received from my home. As I said I saw the values there sunday and still saw them on their live web site for my account monday night and PVOUT does not match. If they indeed have 2 sets of value SHAME on them for such a shody data model.

For a while now my data (solar generated) from Enphase on PVOutPut does not come close to being accurate. For example PVOutPut shows I stared generating at about 9:25am this morning, but Enphase says I was generating at 6:20am. I am a paid PVOutPut user… has been ongoing since at least December. Appears like it doesn’t even try and ping Enphase for data until after 9am.

It looks like Enphase have added an hourly rate limit of the number of requests PVOutput can make on behalf of all PVOutput Enphase systems.

Asked their team if this can be relaxed a bit until a more permanent solution can be found to keep under the new restrictions.